Horizen & Punkz Community Led Valentine's Day Party

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3 months ago

Are you ready for the Horizen & Punkz Community Led Valentine's Day Party? This one will be with a focus on EVM ... because EVM compatibility will matters more than ever.

The EVM defines the rules for computing a valid state from one block to the next, which will links all accounts with hashes and it is reducible to a root hash. January was like this... with lots of good EVM vibes! 

EVM vibes and progress, as Horizen will go Beast Mode in 2023! Join the trend and check out the updates!

By supporting EVM, an organization such as Horizen opens its platform up to a vast community of developers who can create applications that will drive its success. EVM compatibility will open the ETH DeFi infrastructure to ZEN users, and access to AMMs, DEXs, P2P lending protocols, stablecoins, etc.

I know 2023 will be an EVMsome year ... and PVM loves EVM! The roadmap is rolling, and EON is flexing the scalability! Many developers tested EON and the supporting tools and Horizen branded Dapps will soon be available

Call me PEVM because I love EVM! Call me Cupid because I am planning another community led party! The Punkz & Horizen Valentine's Day Party has more events and more prizes then ever. Join us on 14th of February with PUNKZ poems to show the love, the Punkz Hero gaming competition and a quiz! 

Punkz Hero is powered by PKZ tokens, minted on Token Mint. The game is available on PipeFlare , a play2earn crypto gaming platform powered by the $FLARE token. You can play games, collect free tokens from the fountains, claim airdrops and earn rewards through the referral program. 

The gaming tournament is open for all, and 5,500 $PKZ to be shared to the top five players. The winner will receive 2,000 tokens, then the next ones will get 1500, 1000 and 500 $PKZ. Join for live stream gaming and a fun quiz with prizes.

The Punkz Poem competition has a 4,500 $PKZ allocated for prizes, with 2000 tokens for the winner. The runner up will receive 1500 tokens and the third place will win 1000 $PKZ. Write a PUNKZ inspired love poem and post it on Twitter with the #PunkzLove tag. Join the PUNKZ Discord and share it with us, and let the community decide who wrote the best love story! 

Earn ZEN with the GetZEN faucet

The GetZen fountain has 4 levels of referrals, and users will earn extra rewards for each claim made by referrals, up to tier 4. They will receive 20% for Tier 1, 10% for Tier 2, 5% for Tier 3 and 3% for Tier 4. The minimum withdrawal is 0.02 ZEN, payable every fortnight, on the 1st and 15th of each month. This update made my day, as I have plenty of 20% and 10% extra rewards to collect. Start claiming daily shares of $ZEN and enjoy a bonus roll after each five consecutive days! 

Earn $PKZ from events

There are monthly Punkz Hero Tournaments, weekly $PKZ drops, speedruns, quizzes and monthly tokens shared for community members and players. The monthly amount of $PKZ is 32,000,000, and a total of 384,000,000 to be shared in 2023.

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Happy PUNK Valentine's day PVM! ☺️

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