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Punkz Hero is powered by PKZ tokens, minted on Token Mint. The game is available on PipeFlare, a play2earn crypto gaming platform, where the players can play, collect free tokens, claim airdrops and earn rewards through the referral program.

The game is one of the early members of the extended Horizen family, and more Dapps will soon follow. The Punkz Hero community is vibrant, with events and gaming tournaments being organized regularly. MayTheFourth was the latest gaming tournament, with events inspired by the Star Wars Universe

There's no place like the Punkz Discord, where the community members are constantly sharing achievements and $PKZ! We are believers of freedom and disruptive tech. We like to learn about blockchain solutions and to party!

Keep an eye on the Punkz Twitter, the place where punk stuff if happening! Do you believe in numerology and stuff? What about 45 people followed and 4567 followers? Mystic powers! 

The Punkz were asked to vote for the lightsaber color they want in game! Was no debate about "purple" lightsaber, winning the pool with 43% of the votes! PipeFlare implemented this in time for MayTheForth, and the players were able to swing the sword in in-game!

The stormtroopers and young padawans came into the  Punkz Discord and got battle ready! They could check the new star war inspired character in-game and earn $PKZ tokens while having fun. 

PipeFlare is constantly upgrading the game, improving and upgrading according to the players requests. Victory for punkz ... this is the way! Beskar armor for the character? Lightsaber and Jedi tricks? Maybe all the above as the Force helped the players for to obtain record scores! 

The PipeFlare Punkz  Hero gaming competition was set set and everyone was buzzing about it. The participants had to join the event and obtain as many points possible in only 30 minutes.

The punkz players had unlimited health and the green character to play with. Was a race against time, with the force being stronger in Crypto_Man! He won the gaming tournament, with 62 points ahead of Gruyerman. The PipeFlareDwarf finished 3rd, Shadow_Bane on the 4th place and DeFi_ZooRacer on the 5th place. 

Spoiler alert... not a gamer! Participated just to try the lightsaber and finishing 6th is an achievement! 

The gaming tournament was followed by a crypto quiz, and DeFi Money-Printer showed both gaming skills and great crypto knowledge. Gruyerman with another silver medal, and JuresecNFT on the third place! I finished 8th because I tried to answer quicker ... but failed to select the right answers! 

PVM Entertainment and Leisure supplied the POAPs! I feel like I am getting better at this, and the MayTheFourth work is one of my favorites so far! Limited edition POAP, with only 10 punkz holding the proof-of-attendance memorabilia! 

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