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Once upon a time I went down the crypto rabbit hole! It started with #BreadForThePeople and it reached the status of a global brand! Was all about supporting the Harvest Finance farmers and the honest work that provides for their family! The tools are great, the pools are great, and to community is amazing! Once a farmer... always a farmer!    

Once upon a time, I dived into DeFi with zero knowledge and basic meme skills. Harvest Finance was the place where I learned and earned my first decentralized rewards. I started in 2020 and I still have my bag of $FARM staked in there, compounding until the tractor will rise again!

Been there longer than I can remember, and Discord is my proof! Can you imagine that back in 2020 I was thinking I don't need a Metamask wallet? Makes me laugh so hard when I think about it.

The Harvest Finance Arbitrum expansion was the hottest news in the Cryptoverse, and the Harvest Summer had $2500 prizes for the zealy campaign. The first 30 users to complete all the tasks would win $75, while two users with the highest-quality submissions will win $125 each. Engine on! 

PVM goes crazy when the competition mode is activated, and all tasks were completed in less than an hour. Not my first rodeo on the Harvest Finance zealy, and a well deserved first place in the all-time leaderboard.

Beast mode always bring success, and I got one of the 30 prizes of $75 plus $125 for the highest-quality submissions. It's not much but it's honest work!

More laughter with this amazing thread by some random stranger! Why? Because this dreamer stole my Harvest Finance thread with all the tags and even with the typo. I made a mistake and wrote 2022 instead of 2020, and this is how my thread was copy-pasted. 

I commented in there and clapped for this amazing story, as it was similar to my journey. Wait... maybe because it was my journey! I got no likes and retweets... just a block!

I enjoyed the Harvest Summer, I enjoyed testing the new pools on Arbitrum, and I enjoyed winning. The best part was to find some old friends, and dive into DeSci. 

The Gnome-ETH pool is one of the farming opportunity that mixed decentralized finance with science. GNOME is one of the two tokens that powers the Genome DAO ecosystem, a project I wrote about it in February 2020.

Genomes.io is a private and secure DNA data bank that puts you people in control of your genome, offering privacy, security and ownership of DNA testing. Genomes DAO is a biotech DAO focused on the safe, private, and auditable monetization of genomic data using DeFi with the main goal to build the world’s largest user-owned genomic data bank and secure the future of personalized medicine. 

GenomesDAO is a biotech DAO focused on the safe, private, and auditable monetization of genomic data. The GNOME - ETH pool is one of the ways to support the research of genomic data, and the 416% APY made my DNA tingle! I deposited $10 and I plan to deposit the same amount monthly for science! 

Harvest Finance is one of Camelot's partners at the Round Table, the place where the Arbitrum DEX provide a bespoke space for our partners to showcase their protocol, info, liquidity stats, and social links

Camelot is an ecosystem-focused and community-driven DEX, built as a highly efficient and customizable protocol. It allows both builders and users to leverage our custom infrastructure for deep, sustainable, and adaptable liquidity. xGRAIL is the governance token of Camelot, which can be obtained through converting $GRAIL, with conversion ratio at 1:1

The xGRAIL pool got my attention, as Camelot is one of the powerhouses on Arbitrum. Started with a fiver, and the plan is to add a similar amount on a monthly basis. The 12.63% APY is not the biggest, but the auto-compounding will maximize the rewards. 

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