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Halo Swap - Building a more efficient AMM on Ethereum

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HaloSwap is a a project that wants to bring glory to the natives. Halo is building a more efficient AMM inspired by Solidly, on Ethereum chain. The vision is to build a sustainable AMM on ETH mainnet that will balance the interests of traders and LPs.

HaloSwap will promote total decentralization, allowing the swap between two tokens directly in the liquidity pool. The new system will cover the swapping of risk assets, low-slippage swaps between price-stable, and pegged assets such as stablecoins. The Deep Liquidity Pools with low fees and the IL protection may be the the attributes that will bring Halo on the top of user's preference.

It looks like Ethereum users will see the light that disperses the darkness! Hopefully HaloSwap will save us from this bearish market!  

The goal to deliver a sustainable AMM will be powered by a novel solution for tokenizing impermanent losses: the veHALO token. The risk will be reduced by channeling revenue towards veHALO holders, with the AMM driving organic demand for the $HALO governance token. Will HaloSwap bring abundance for users?

Halo Swap is being built by an anonymous team of experienced solidity veterans, crypto natives, and crypto degens. The Halo protocol is internally audited and the codebase has been rigorously reviewed by several independent auditors. The AMMs on Ethereum are limited, and to be honest ... I am tired of Uniswap.

The users who will provide LP on Halo will receive $HALO token as mining rewards, the governance token that is fee-accruing. The  $HALO holders can participate in the HALO governance and receive a share of protocol revenue if  they will lock the token and turn it into veHALO. The lock has a divine touch, and can be choose between one month and four years. The income from trading fees are coming from the gauges and emissions.  The lock can be extended, or let the linear timeframe expire. 

Why HaloSwap was inspired by Solidly? The original implementation of Solidly wasn't bugs, while the unchecked attack vectors allowed whales to manipulate the voting system. However, the codebase was innovative. The HaloSwap team fixed down the errors in emissions, calculations, and voting, with a final product that excels in readability and maintainability. I want to see how glorious will be the HaloSwap entry into the Cryptoverse! 

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Written by   1093
1 day ago
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