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GYSR - Splashing in the reward fountain

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1 year ago

The main add-on I was looking forward when GYSR v2 was launched was the addition of non-competitive staking - the fountains! Geyser (GYSR) enhanced the configurable layout and 100% decentralized yield farming system on v2 and simplified the way wealth and tokens can be distributed without hustle.

The V2 was launched in June, with major architectural and economic improvements. The competitive yield farming was kept for the Geysers and the Fountains were added as methods of staking without worrying about boiling period, staking multiplier and when is the best time to take it out! I was happy... GY was happy ... everyone was happy!

The $GYSR new dashboard made it easy for users to search for Geysers and Fountains. My patience was rewarded when I found a GYSR fountain still in the boiling period, with 10,000 GYSR allocated for rewards.

Gas fees are a bi*ch and I paid $6.07 to stake 152.63 GYSR tokens. Keep in mind that all this is done for educational purpose and the loss is not so important for me, as all GYSR tokens are won through competitions or rewards for participation.

Once the staking was complete, I could see the details in my GYSR dashboard. The pool was up and running with an 87.40% APR. Many other fountains with top rewards were constantly added but I didn't had any of the tokens required.

The ARA fountain was one of those new opportunities, offering $300,000,000 ARA tokens to investors. The ARA project is a decentralized platform for content delivery, payment and NFT distribution. It has an open source software that gives artists and creators more control over their content.

ARA launched two long term Fountains with GYSR, with a distribution of 30% of the token supply, awarded over 200 weeks. The long term distribution will focus on SushiSwap, where75% of the tokens will reward liquidity providers of USDC/ARA token pair, while 25% will reward $ARA holders in a single-asset staking Fountain. The GYSR tools are coming from the future and crypto enthusiasts are blessed to be able to use them in 2021.

Moving back to the GYSR Fountain where I "soaked" my tokens, where 2 GYSR where claimable after 25 days of staking. My share is so minimal from the total 414,000 GYSR staked in the Fountain and my share from the remaining 6,510 unlocked GYSR was minimal as well.

The total GYSR staked maintained at constant levels, which shows that friendly staking is much stable than the competitive ones from the Geysers. The reward over time maintained in line with the strategy, without major fluctuations.

The 1st phase of the funding ended on the 1st of August, when the second phase started. 

There are many ways to make more money this year, and choosing GYSR is a smarter solution than working extra shifts or playing the lottery! What smart move you will do this year?


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Written by   1120
1 year ago
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