Diemonshark - The "Jaws" of Splinterlands

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It's another week of conflicts in the Splinterlands. The seas are a graveyard when the Diemonshark is hunting. This abyssal monster will bite and trample.

The Diemonshark is the "Jaws" of the Burning Legion and when it kills his pray, will attack again the next monster.

Did you know the Trample ability will works better when the first two Monsters on your team both have it?

The Diemonsharks are ever hungry rare monsters of the water splinter. They travel alone, seeking prey and territory.

They are fearsome beasts with lightning-fast reflexes, being extremely territorial, and being able to travel by air, ground, or sea.

The Diemonshark is an expensive card, costing 8 mana. It starts with 7 health points, 6 armor, 4 speed, 2 melee damage and the Trample ability. It gains Enrage at level four and Retaliate at level seven.

The best summoner for Water teams is Kelya Frendul, for the armor and speed boost. She is a great warrior, leading the Wave Breakers in tactical missions.

Kelya will use water magic to create weapons of crystallized water. She and the Wave Breakers are hired as mercenaries to clear out dungeons and fight on behalf of the highest bidder, for coins and artifacts.

Drops of Magic or Waves of Melee? The Diemonshark needs a strong team, and the 54 mana cap gave enough flexibility with the selection. The Unprotected battle-rule eliminated all the armor, including any buffs and abilities. It got better as the Melee Mayhem gave an advantage to close combat, as melee monster can attack from any position.

Kelya Friendul: +1 Speed and +1 Armor

Diemonshark: Tank with Trample

Flying Squid: Melee with Reach

Demented Shark: Melee with Inspire

Sand Worm: Melee with Sneak

Goblin Mech: Melee with Piercing

Disintegrator: Melee with Demoralize

It looks like an even battle, even with all the armor scrapped. I had to fight a mixed melee & magic team, leaded by Obsidian. The opponent's Disintegrator reduced my damage but the Inspire from the Demented Shark took it back to normal.

The opponent's Mycelic Slipspawn was the first monster to fall, followed few attacks later by my Diemonshark. The Mycelic Infantry health was boosted by the Goblin Psychic heal but he has a huge bullseye on his back!

Round two was carnage, with the Mycelic Infantry failing to handle the venom! The battle took an U-turn once the Sand Worm devoured the Goblin Psychic and my enemy had no healer in the team.

The Disintegrator is a nuisance, stopping me to deal full damage. Was only the Unicorn Mustang that was left between my army and the Royal Peryton.

Disintegrator ... I am coming for you. Even if the Flying Squid was taken down by magic, I was still in advantage! It was time to dust off the demoralize and deliver the final blows.

Things got complicated as the Royal Peryton evaded 3 attacks and managed to take out the Demented Shark. However, the fairy tale creature couldn't do anything to the Sand Worm's surprise attack and it was game over! See the full battle here!

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Great post

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10 months ago

I see you are very good at playing splinterlands and that is good, I would like to learn as I have some spell books, what do you know about setting up bots?

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11 months ago

I play for fun and don't know nothing about bots

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10 months ago

With the way i can see it that shark teeth was so much afraid just like a monster

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11 months ago

The image of the shark took all my attention. Awesome!

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