Delysium - AI Power For AAA Web3 Gaming Supremacy

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The Metaverse will continue blooming in 2023 and AI-powered worlds will expand to new heights!

Delysium is the world's 1st playable AAA web3 game, an AI-powered open world where players can enjoy a diversity of Free-to-Own universes.

All Delysium Universes gather together to become Delysium Multiverse. Every single universe is run by a different Delysium Multiverse Operator (DMO), creating several unique game experiences and specific On-chain Incentive Layer (OIL) for players.

Delysium open world game was created with a focus on the players and is powered by the players. The game has an impressive design, a masterstroke from industry veterans who worked many years for Riot Games, Ubisoft or Scopely.

The game constantly evolved throughout 2022, since the official launch. The first round of private sales raised $4,000,000 and the N.E. NFTs sold out when the Delysium marketplace was launched.

Delysium x UniX NFT sold out in one day, while the strategic founding round raised $10,000,000 in October. Look at the stats and you will see the huge potential!

The Delysium essence is the Data Generator, and every player action will generate more data. The players behavior and interaction will lead to massive amount of intel, that can be used ton optimize the gameplay.

The worlds can have different inner rewards or gameplay, as users can vote for more rewards and extra benefits. The on-chain incentives can be either fungible tokens or non-fungible tokens issued by the Delysium Multiverse Operator (DMO), even other tokens or stablecoins.

Dive into the Metaverse and enhance your knowledge in the Delysium Discord.Join one of the biggest and most vibrant community in the gaming sector.

Delysium Multiverse Accelerator (DMA) is an enhanced access to select, vote and support Delysium Universes. The incentive system aims to promote a decentralized gaming structure.

The DMO system main role is to sustain a fairness-oriented on-chain incentives mechanism, while the DMA system creates efficiency-oriented governance and voting mechanism.

Delysium will be the world's first game utilizing the Decentralized Game Publishing structure powered by two systems. The players involved will receive DES tokens as daily incentives and will have a higher voting power.

There are 50,000 Delysium Multiverse Accelerator (DMA), and no more will ever be minted. The first 10,000 DMAs are priced at 1,000 USDT, while the rest will increase the price based on sales volume.

The price will continue to increase by 25 USDT for every 100 DMAs sold. However, the daily incentives for DMA will remain the same for the first year and then halving every 2 years.

DMA is only available for purchase on the Delysium Official Websitem, with no limit on the amount of DMA bought by players. Delysium official website and all users can purchase an unlimited number of DMAs.

The DMA holders will share 700,000 DES tokens on a daily basis, including the user participating with DMA referrals. The ratio is 600k for holders and 100k for referrals rewards. If no Delysium user purchased through the referral system, then the share of $DES would go back into Reserve/Treasury.

All Delysium DMA holders will be eligible for several benefits, including rewards, enhanced staking and higher voting power.

DMA holders will receive higher staking metrics then non-holders when staking the same amount of DES tokens to vote and support DMOs. They will also share more Ecosystem Incentives from the Delysium Team as staking rewards.

Randomly issued airdrop rewards, additional NFT tokens or other benefits may be shared.

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