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Crypto Opportunities: Plasma (PPY) & Polygon (Matic), Automata (ATA) and Bitcoin (BTC)

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Coin Market Cap added a new Learn & Earn campaign! The participants can learn and earn about Plasma Finance, the home of the decentralized finance. Plasma Finance is an all-in-one platform with DEX aggregator, analytics, liquidity management, investment options and store of crypto. The Plasma (PPAY) token is powering the ecosystem and can be used to manage all the tools. Binance account with completed  KYC is required for the prize to be credited ! You can create a Binance  account here! 

The Coin Market Cap Learn and Earn Plasma Finance will raise awareness for the project and create an incentive for users to learn how Plasma works. The campaign will end at 23:59 UTC on the 11th of June and the reward will be paid into the Binance account. 

Users can watch the four lessons about the all-in-one DEX aggregator and learn! They will learn hot to use Plasma Finance to locate profitable Liquidity Mining opportunities, how to use PlasmaSwap and how Plasma corrects the gas issues. 

The quiz will require the email associated with the Coin Market Cap account and the Binance ID. Once the quiz is completed, the user will receive the participation confirmation by email.

Binance user can also earn Automata (ATA) by staking in the Launchpool in one or more of the Binance Coin (BNB), PolkaDot (DOT) and Binance USD (BUSD) pools!  Automata (ATA) is used for governance, mining reward, protocol fees and geode allocation. The ATA total token supply is 1,000,000,000 and the circulating supply upon listing on Binance will be 17.23%. The Binance Launchpool will allocate 40,000,000 ATA, 4% of the maximum token supply! Create a Binance account here! 

Coinbase users can enjoy another Earn campaign and earn $3 worth of Polygon (MATIC). The criteria is watch three short videos and answer to Polygon related questions by selecting the correct answer from multiple choices.


Celsius Network  announced three new codes to earn Bitcoin (BTC). Use BTC50 to earn $50 worth of Bitcoin when transferring $400 or earn $600 worth of Bitcoin when transferring $25,000 worth of cryptocurrencies. Users can also earn $2,500 in Bitcoin when they transfer $250,000 but this code is only for whales!

Joining Celsius Network  and transferring $400 worth of crypto will include a $40 reward for new users, therefore joining now can bring a joining bonus of $90 from the sign-up bonus and the BTC50 bonus code.

BlockFi offers 6% APY for holding Bitcoin and the flexible reward system can be used to earn interest in Bitcoin (BTC) for the other assets in the wallet. The BlockFi referral system offers $10 BTC for every person that joins and deposits $100 in their account, and the same amount for the referrer. 

OKEx daily missions is another method I use to earn some satoshi. Completing the 5 daily tasks I am rewarded 250 Satoshi which I stak until I reach the minimum claimable reward of 10,000 sats.  Complete the daily missions and the sats will accumulate. is the only BTC faucet I use because is the most efficient and has three different methods to earn (BTC), from rolling every hour, the daily bonus spin and the referral system. The balance on the website also receives 4% interest. 

The daily roll of the Wheel of Fortune offers a good amount of sats. and through the referral system a reward equal to 50% of the base prize gained by referrals, plus 1 free lottery ticked and 1 reward point for every free roll the referral will play. 


Join the CakeDeFi revolution and get $30 worth of DeFiChain (DFI)

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I earn crypto for reading and writing on Publish0x and ReadCash, watching videos on and surfing online on Brave Browser and Presearch. I use Swapzone for the lowest fee swaps

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All of this great information packed into one article . I already did my Polygon/Matic earn on Coinbase . Unfortunately US citizens cannot participate in the Coinmarketcap earn program unless they use can use a real Binance account, not BinanceUS . It's so ridiculous . It's not as simple as using a VPN anymore because these exchanges still want identification . I don't know how you do it but keep up the hard work. We appreciate it.

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1 week ago

I don't know either... I kinda run by momentum! The secret is drafts and a little notepad! Adding little info whenever I have something interesting makes it easier to finish articles.

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1 week ago