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Crypto Events and Competitions By PVM Entertainment & Leisure

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4 weeks ago

We are approaching the end of the month, and Halloween, and I am putting blood, sweat and tears into organizing a plethora of events! Do you want to join a poker tournament and earn NFTs? Do you want to participate in a gaming tournament and earn some crypto? Do you have great carving skills and you are in Halloween mood? Then you landed in the right place ... as crypto opportunities are here to be claimed!

I am looking forward to have fun in the Metaverse as much as I will enjoy the Halloween in real life. PVM Entertainment & Leisure is always open for collaborations and I am happy to help if you need support with organizing crypto-themed events.

Get into spooky vibes with my Harvest Finance inspired horror novel. You can read it as paperback or on Kindle and experience the secret of the Three Farmers at the Bonfire. 

Under the cloudy night sky, the fog was settling upon the fields. The moon was rarely shining, being obscured by dark and thick clouds. On the far end of the corn fields, a majestic bonfire was burning, looking like a lighthouse that guides the lost souls to the shore.   There was something alluring about the sight and sound of the crackling bonfire, not the warmth and coziness but a mysterious feeling. Close to the bonfire, a silhouette was vaguely moving ....

Do you have a passion for poker and NFTs? Join the Humble Tractors and Friends Poker Tournament on 28th of October, at 10 PM UTC and you can win crypto and NFTs. No entry fee and a prize pool with $250+ crypto value: 

  • 1st place - 100 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Humble Tractor NFT

  • 2nd - 50 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Hey! NFT

  • 3rd - 25 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Hey! NFT

his event is a teaser and the future ones will be exclusive for holders. ! The tournament has 3 prizes for the participants must fill the form to receive the prizes! Add your details on the google doc and make sure your details are matching your player's username.

Once the form has been filled, join the tournament by requesting participation on PokerNow. I will approve the requests and confirm the amount of chips depending if the player is a Humble Tractor holder or not. Non holders will start the game with 1234 chips while the Humble Tractor NFT will have a loyalty bonus and start with double chips.

Why is PoolTogether delegated liquidity better than any other prize? Because you will earn $OP tokens and you will be eligible for prizes in the daily draw. There are 545 daily prizes, divided in three tiers. One of the LP providers, or someone who has delegated liquidity, will win $1000 USDC.

There are 32 prizes of $20 and 512 prizes of $500 each day, and you can be eligible for all if you finish on the top 3 places in the Humble Tractors and Friends Poker Tournament 

It's that time again! It's time to carve some pumpkins (or fruits)  Last year's event was a hit and the SuperUmans out their carving skills in action! Show your art, use #UMApumpkin and let's see who's the winner

  Can you do better then we did in 2021 and make #Halloween2022 a day to remember? Carve your fruit with any Across, UMA, SuperUMAns or Risk Labs theme, post it on Twitter with the #UMApumpking tag  

I started my Halloween carving early this year, and the first two pumpkins where crypto-related! Done an UMA optimistic Jack-o-Lantern and one that aims to be a reminder to all crypto savvy people that are eligible for the Across Brige Traveler $ACX airdrop.

The Bridge Traveler is a tag given to selected users that didn't used  Across  previously but used other ETH bridges. There are over 30,000 eligible addresses eligible for the $ACX airdrop, wallets that must opt-in before October 25th. 

The 1st Horizen Community Led Party will take place on the 31st of October, with the Punkz Hero competition as the main event. Meme Lords are invited to the party, as the meme competition will be live over the weekend. Read the full details in the Horizen Party article!

Horizen is THAT project that keeps innovating the Cryptoverse and drives forward the adoption of blockchain solutions. The Horizen Ecosystem grows bigger and bigger, as tools like Zendoo, Cobalt Wallet and TokenMint were created and implemented.

TokenMint is a Horizen sidechain that provides quick and easy token launch for everyone. The sidechain allows users to mint custom tokens with no developer skills in a process that is fully transparent and provable. The Punkz Hero game is powered by PKZ tokens, minted on TokenMint. 

You have to connect the Cobalt Wallet to play and earn PKZ. Once the sync is completed you can enjoy this amazing game and go ape on $PKZ tokens. do you have the skills to challenge the top players? Will you join the PUNKZ HERO competition on Halloween day?

Punkz Hero Tournament

The event starts at 4 PM UTC with a live chat about Punkz Hero, TokenMint and Cobalt Wallet. The gaming tournament will start at 4:10 PM UTC on PipeFlare and will last for 30 minutes. Participating players must hang out in the Punkz Token Discord during the event. Please note that the game is  NOT available on mobile!

The prize pool for the competition is sweet, with 20,000 $PKZ tokens to be shared by the best 4 players. As a bonus, 2 $ZEN tokens were added for the event. 

  • 1st place: 10,000 $PKZ + 1 $ZEN 

  • 2nd place: 5,000 $PKZ + 0.5 $ZEN 

  • 3rd place: 3,000 $PKZ + 0.3 $ZEN 

  • 4th place: 2,000 $PKZ + 0.2 $ZEN 

Meme Competition

Create a meme that contains both Halloween vibes and the Punkz Hero vision, tweet it with the #PunkzHalloween tag and maybe share it in the Punkz Discord - Memez channel

The meme competition is open from now until 30th of October at 23:59 UTC. The Meme Board will judge all the entries based on originality, effort, the way the theme was covered and will announce the winners during the Punkz Hero Tournament.

1st place: $10 worth of $ZEN and 1,000 $PKZ

2nd place: $5 worth of $ZEN and 1,000 $PKZ

3rd place: 10,000 $PKZ 

I want to organize a World Cup Fantasy Football tournament, with a small entry fee that will help raise a juicy reward pool. My choice of crypto will be Bitcoin Cash, as most of us earn $BCH from readcash and  noisecash. The system was tested for the UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football, where the participants were happy to send 0.05 BCH to the league's wallet. What do you think about the game concept and do you have any feedback?

Saying in the Halloween themed events, where the Banano Community is smashing the pumpkins with so many events! 

No PVM input in there but go check The Daily Peel to see how you can craft stuff and will $BAN 

I hope you will join the Crypto Events and Competitions By PVM Entertainment & Leisure, and may the odds be ever in your favor! Will be a pleasure to see my #P0xBros winning crypto or NFTs, and I wish you all a Glorious Harvest and a Happy Halloween!

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Written by   1119
4 weeks ago
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4 weeks ago

Time for games.

Poker first.

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4 weeks ago

Less then half day for the poker. See you on the felt

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4 weeks ago

On the felt, lol. That's great

Have to run some grocery-related errands but I'll get back for cards. Never played online before.

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4 weeks ago

Will drop you a reminder one hour before

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