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CRE8R DAO - DeFi content with a built-in audience

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What is CRE8R DAO?

The answer is in the name - a creators decentralized autonomous organization! CRE8R DAO is a collective of content creators with #DeFi knowledge and multimedia skills. They create content with a built-in audience, using a mechanism that aligns incentives between the creators and DeFi projects. Cre8rs are using their various skills and work as a team to create top content for various DeFi knowledge and they get paid for their efforts.

CRE8R DAO constantly looks for DeFi creator and connectors, peoples with various skills and trades. Joining the DAO will create the opportunity to meet other top content creators, to make connections and to earn by creating DeFi related content. 

Each client will be listed on the "Job Board" and the created content will be added on a Trello board. The work review will be made on Coordinape, which will allocate a share of the payment based on the number of "gives" received for the completed work.

The Founding 100

The content creators that participated in 3 epochs and earned over $2000 will be granted one Founding 100 NFT. The price of the NFT will go up by 0.2 ETH after every epoch as the DAO doesn't need to raise capital.

The Founding 100 NFT aims to create motivation for new creators and a simplified governance mechanism. Every NFT grants one vote in governance snapshots and access to exclusive content and areas across CRE8R DAO owned platforms.  

My CRE8R Experience

I joined the DAO in the early days, guided by my DeFi guru. He told me that CRE8R will be a community that will bloom quickly and he was right. Since July, I participated in 6 epochs and created content about some top DeFi projects. The crypto savvy community on Publish0x and was my playground, and used Twitter, ReadCash or Hive for extra reach.

My first epoch was CompliFi, and spent a night reading about the potential of the CompliFi Protocol and the whitepaper vision towards decentralized mechanism used to create a wide range of fully collaterised financial derivatives. The article was well received, with 2169 views on P0x and about the same on Twitter and the other platforms.  Read more: CompliFi - Derivatives insurance protocol with integrated AMM

Degen's Farm was one of the projects that I found the most interesting. The NFT project combined DeFi and farming, with 20 unique NFT creatures ready to be collected. The holders will earn network fees from the ERC-721 tokens, and will have the opportunity to upgrade the creature through farming and staking

NFTs are a hot thing and the article reached nearly 3,000 views. If you want to try your luck and try to breed a degen farm creature, head to the Degen's Farm and buy some $BAGZ! Read more: Stay Awhile and Listen - Grandpa's Degen'$ Farm has the 3rd epoch I participated and covered a project that can use NFTs as leverage for loans or yield farming. The idle NFTs can be used as collateral in NFT Lending Pools to obtain trustless loans, which can be used in yield farming. Another article that was viewed nearly 3,000 times on a single platform, and reached 5,000 views overall. Read more: - Using NFTs as collateral for DeFi loans

The end of September was all about Play2Earn, as I found Infinity Skies. The NFT game will be available for PC platforms upon launch, with opportunity to "Build, Socialize, Trade and Adventure" while creating the most prestigious castle in the sky. 

The DreamFuel Games project reached 5,216 views and 161 likes on P0x and broke the 10,000 views barrier. This impact shows that NFT projects will power the future of the Cryptoverse, and Play2Earn games can become a steady source of income. Read More: Infinity Skies: State-of-the-art blockchain gaming

"Want to feel part of something - make a t-shirt" - PVM 2021

Every football player, and the supporters as well, will wear the badge with pride. The same principle applies to merchandise, and this is why I created my CRE8R DAO! I felt welcomed in the community and I wanted to "wear the badge with pride"!

Never lacked creativity, and adding a QR code on the back looked like a good idea. The QR code will direct to the CRE8R DAO website and I seen few people trying to scan it while walking behind me! Product placement and hidden marketing never worked better.

Being visual and being seen is the base for modern marketing. I was wearing my CRE8R t-shirt on the NFT Circus show as a way to raise awareness about CRE8R DAO! People will get interested about us if the name and the logo are constantly seen in the media they fallow. It's product placement that will lead to a weave of new creators that will want to join.


If you are a DeFi savvy content creator, you can use your skills to bring a plus to the team and earn money. Check CRE8R DAO Website and follow CRE8R DAO Twitter to see how you can join. 

Every new journey starts with a single step! Ask yourself if you want be a spectator or you want be part of the game?


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Written by   752
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Yesterday I was looking for how to create a Punk, even Trenz told me that if he likes it, he will buy it for me ahah. It's crazy to think that many pay for NFT, but hey we have to get into the market.

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I'm just hearing of this CRE8R and i am impressed about my discovery. Thanks for the article.

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It is my first time hearing about the CRE8R and I think am gradually learning from it with your content,it would give me more knowledge about it and help alot of people out there...kudos to you

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