Challenged Myself To Open 100 Splinterlands - Packs 71 to 80

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2 weeks ago

I am chasing a goal that may look unachievable for a casual Splinterlands player ... to open 100  Chaos Legion packs. The mission simplified after I started to brawl with my Romanian guild, and today I will share the unwrapping of packs 71 to 80! 

I started this challenge on the 27th of March 2022, and one year later I am still chasing a dream. As it goes... I will hopefully complete the task by the end of 2023! 

I am playing Splinterlands for over two years  and a half, and never done Brawls until December 2022. Not much by choice but because I was guildless. Brawls are large tournaments in which Guilds fight together against other Guilds, so my allegiance to one was mandatory.

Playing in brawls helped me to earn Merits, which I spent on Gladius Cases. This is how I boosted my deck power and started collecting gladiator cards. It's a double win as Gladiator monsters are more powerful then normal cards, but are SoulBound.  This cards can be played only in brawls, and can't be traded, delegated, rented, or sold.

Only one Gladiator card can be selected for a battle, but is no limit of the number of Gladius Cases that can be purchased in the Guild Store. The normal potions don't work for Gladius Cases, but they count towards the Collection Power score. All the 32 Gladius card have the Bloodlust ability, earning +1 to all initially non-zero stats per defeated opponent. 

I constantly upgraded my deck and the daily rewards are sometimes full of unexpected treasures. Now and then I swap some tokens for $HIVE, but lately most of the packs I opened where Gladius Cases.

Pack 71: Gladius Case

I opened another Gladius Case, hoping for more gold foil cards, and all I got was Liza Fox! She's a short woman, but very muscular, armed with many blades and weapons. Not joking but the Witch of Warwick is the most casual drop in this packs! 

Pack 72: Gladius Case

OMG ... the Witch of Warwick! Told you that the Witch of Warwick is everywhere ... almost in every case. I now have a level 2 with 6/9 in my deck, and making her stronger every week!

The VIP of the pack was Marisol Contuma, an epic Life unit with Reach. She reached the rank of Knight of the Silver Shield and become a mighty warrior that can overpower orcs and ogress in melee battles. 

Pack 73: Gladius Case

Blinding light hit my eyes as I unwrapped the next Gladius Case! Blinding light came out .... with legendary sunshine from Sola Ranjell! She came to the Splinterlands on the brightest night of the year ... the alignment of moons. Her powers are amplified by the two-bladed staff with burning light. 

Pack 74: Gladius Case

Marisol Contuma came riding on her horse in pack 74, waving a flag and smiling at Alfredo! An above average pack, with one Rare and one Epic card unwrapped along... the Witch of Warwick! 

Pack 75: Chaos Legion won on Twitter

I am lucky sometimes, or just persistent with my plethora of participations on Twitter giveaways. This time I won a Chaos Legion pack on the BDVoter giveaway, and the chance to open something else than Gladius Cases! 

Must admit that this Chaos Legion pack was full of goodies, not only the common Sunkai Harvester and the Riftwing. I was pleased to find an rare Scavo Firebolt, an rare Xenith Archer and the epic Prismologist! Time to upgrade some cards! 

Pack 76: Chaos Legion 

Swapped some stuff, sold some hive altcoins and bought a Chaos Legion pack ... just to unwrap the cheapest cards on the market! The Regal Peryton as an rare is no treat, and getting Crypt Beetle, Antoid Platoon, Flying Squid and Chaos Agent as commons was ... emotionless. All those cards made no difference, as I have all upgraded to level 3 or 4.

Pack 77: Chaos Legion

The second Chaos Legion pack of the day was better, with two rare cards inside. I will always need more Obsidian, the summoner I use 99% of the Earth Splinter battles. The Djinn Apprentice is another card I often use, so not bad at all. 

Pack 78: Gladius Case

Drum roll please ... for another Witch of Warwick! Palidon Rakk was the rare card in the pack, a dude with eco-friendly focus and a tree as a weapon! BTW... why Helmet Kharafax doesn't have a helmet?

Pack 79: Chaos Legion

I think I should stop buying Chaos Legion packs and just buy the cards I need from the market. My Tenyii Striker is upgraded at level 4 and the other cards from this pack are low value. Disappointing!

Pack 80: Chaos Legion

Last pack of the episode, and one of the good ones. Got the rare Uloth Dhampir, and the commons from a higher spectrum of value. The Lemell Refugee still waits to be used in a battle, the Lichen Beast looks too green, while the Dumacke Exile is unlucky to be from my less favorite splinter.

I have a questions for you all! Is the Energy addition favorizing the top players? With 50 energy maximum, and one used for each battle, are the top players gaining an advantage? I think so! Will take me more to reach Silver, as I am now limited by energy recovery! 

Opening 10 Chaos Legion Packs - 11th to 20th - I've got 3 summoners, 10 rare and 4 epic cards. To make it better I unwrapped a legendary as well!

Opening 10 more packs - 21st to 30th - I've got 2 legendary, 2 summoners, 13 rare and 3 epic cards! Much better overall cards then before!

40 packs opened until today - 31st to 40th - I've got the lowest value reward ever, only 3 Epic cards and not even a summoner.

Half way through - packs 41st to 50! Ultra rewards, with 2 legendary cards, 5 epics and 10 rare ones! 

51st to 60s vibes on the dancefloor! I've got 18 rare cards, 3 epics and 1 legendary monster! 

Going Gladiator between 61 and70! Upgrading the Gladiator Deck and unwrapping Legendary Sola Ranjell

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