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Biswap Dual Earning - The DeFi of the Future!

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1 month ago

Celebrating 60 days on Biswap!

Today we are celebrating as I started my Biswap journey exactly 60 days ago! I took my space suit on and joined the Space Agents! The daily activities at the Biswap Space Centre are always ground-breaking, because everyone is sharing a vision that will help the blockchain technology to be integrated all over the world! 

Biswap is not the standard crypto decentralized exchange! Biswap has direct peer-to-peer crypto trading, staking options and earning opportunities, launchpools, NFT market, and the newest dual-earning pools.

The "out-of-this-world" benefits are not stopping here! Biswap is the first exchange on Binance Smart Chain with a 3-type referral system and the lowest exchange fee 0.1% in the Defi space! It is the perfect place for both traders and content creators, with $5,000,000 in $BSW allocated to the Space Agents Program!

In the first month of exploring the Biswapverse I used the Launchpool to earn $BSW, used the exchange to swap various BSC tokens and was selected as one of the top 10 content creators that joined the Space Agents Program. The joy was overwhelming and I felt like being knighted by Her Majesty Elizabeth II for my creativity and devotion.

Join the Space Agents Program to showcase your skills and you could earn $BSW for creating content. The allocated prize pool for the campaign is $5,000,000 in $BSW. If you are you passionate about the Biswap project and a social media account with more than 5000 subscribers then you have everything that is needed for a Space Agent!

New Earning Opportunities! The Double-Earning Pools

Two months ago I added 333 BSW in the Holders Pool, earning BSW tokens at 35.85% APY. I locked the tokens for 90 days and the reward is auto-compounding, therefore the farming rate will get better and better each day. There is a 25% unstaking fee is I want to withdraw before the locking period ends but why should I do that? I joined Biswap with a long term plan, and I want to grow and evolve along the project.

I added the July Space Agents prizes in the Holders Pool, $1000 worth of $BSW, and the counter was set back to 90 days. I enhanced the farming rate to new heights with 3484 BSW in the pool, and the earnings will keep adding up. 

I was thrilled to see that more earning opportunities were added, when the double-earning pools where announced by Biswap. To benefit from the new fair earning pools, the user have to stake at least 500 BSW in the Holders Pool. 

I have more than the requirement and the new double-earning pools were available upon checking. Biswap users are invited to deposit $BSW in any of the four new pools and earn $BSW plus LINK, FIL, DOT or ETC. There is a limit of 1500 BSW per pool, to make it fair for both casual DeFi users and crypto whales. The reward tokens are great cryptocurrencies with amazing use case.

Filecoin ($FIL) powers the Filecoin ecosystem, a decentralized peer-to-peer network designed around the notion of equal peer nodes simultaneously functioning as both "clients" and "servers" to the other nodes on the network.

The Chainlink ERC-20 token powers the Chainlink decentralized oracle network. This network allows smart contracts on Ethereum Network and Layer-2 blockchains to securely connect to external data sources, APIs, and protocols.

Polkadot ($DOT) is the native cryptocurrency of Polkadot blockchain, and powers the interoperability protocol since 2016. The shared blockchain connects several different chains together in a single network, allowing them to process transactions in parallel and exchange data between chains without sacrificing security.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain has the same attributes as the Ethereum (ETH) network because it has the same open-source codes. It is decentalized and uses the same high security smart contracts.

My Double-Rewards Pool choice was the BSW + ETC Pool because I am confident Ethereum Classic will grow as well ahead of the Ethereum Merge. I added all the $BSW I had and let the pool do the job for a week. The weekly reward for 1418 BSW was 4.70 USD, almost equally split between ETC and BSW.

My aim is to reach the 1500 BSW pool limit and then deposit into the BSW - LINK pool. Chainlink is the most popular blockchain Oracle, with the most integrations and use cases. The BSW - LINK pool also has the highest APY, an extra incentive to select this one instead of $FIL and $DOT.

The Multi-Reward Pool

If you think the Double-Reward Pools are cool, then you will consider the Multi-Reward Pool an marvelous creation. This tool was created for traders, and the rewards are out-of-this-world! Users that stake BSW into the Multi-Reward Pool must have a trading volume of $30 for every 1 active BSW token. The trading volume must be achieved in 30 days, in order to earn BSW, wBNB and BUSD.  

There is a 60 days locking period, and a 10% commission fee for early withdrawal. The tokens can be withdraw without any additional cost after the locking period.

The Multi-Reward-Pool income depends on the user's trading volume on Biswap, with a ratio based on trading volume/BSW tokens. If the user doesn't reach the full trading volume income required by the staked BSW, the reward will be the exact percentage of trading volume achieved in the 30 days.

I staked 27 BSW in the Multi-Reward Pool, for the sake of the experiment, and I have to reach $500 trading volume in the next 30 days. Will explore this tool in the upcoming days.


I am happy to celebrate 60 days on Biswap with my readers and I am glad I discovered this project with huge potential. Biswap is different then other DEXs, as the $BSW token has a limited supply and a monthly burning mechanism will help the token to grow in value. The partnership with Binance Labs is a guarantee for new tools, and the new double-earnings pools are a proof that the evolution never stops. I can see the potential and I know that Biswap brings the DeFi of the future! 

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Written by   1094
1 month ago
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Earnings at Biswap Dual Pool is great. Looking forward to joining soon.

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Has some great tools

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I've heard good things on Biswap, sounds worthy of exploration.

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Yes, some top tools and APY

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