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BakerySwap 2.0 - Time to $BAKE more BREAD!

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2 weeks ago

Bakery Swap ended farming 1.0 on the 26th of August and the whole platform was upgraded. I seen the announcement at the start of August but then totally forgot about it and here I am ... staking $BAKE in November.

I had $BAKE staked to earn more $BAKE, and now I am moving it to the new farming pool. Before I even start, I must admit that the new layout looks much better and the tabs are working quicker then ever. Back to my story now ... I unstaked 26.03 $BAKE from the old pool but they remained unstaked for months! You may wonder why? The answer is simple... I unstaked before the old pools were closed, thinking to return and stake once Farming 2.0 goes live. I forgot about it!

I deposited 26.14 BAKE into the Bread Pool - the place where you deposit BAKE to earn BAKE. The Binance Smart-Chain fee was 0.001042 BNB, a transaction fee that will always make you think why Ethereum is still trending?

All staked now and earning $BAKE at 18.91% ROI. Will leave it here until I find a pool with better rewards (or a token that I want to HODL for a long period of time). I will keep it as simple staking because I don't like LPs.

Talking about bread and money making reminded me about an absolute legend... Tommaso Berni! Not even some of Inter's fans don't know him but the guy spent 6 years at the club without even playing once. He was sent off twice ... while being on the bench and earned 1,200,000 while being just a number on the payroll!

Bakery Swap is an automated market maker (AMM) powered by the $BAKE token. It was the first curated NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), combining decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into an easy-to-use platform. Check my other posts on this topic if you want to read more about Bakery Swap:

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Written by   752
2 weeks ago
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Hehe...many of my asset sat on my wallet without doing anything. I need to swap them or trade, may be. Thanks for the info.

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2 weeks ago

My BAKEs are just sitting on Binance 😅 I think i need to transfer them to trust

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2 weeks ago

Tommaso benni has a very funny career 6 years of no appearance for a club that pays him that much. I wonder what functions he is playing for the club that makes them keep him that much

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2 weeks ago

Maybe he was telling jokes in the changing room

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2 weeks ago