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Another BFG - The Hill Giant Splinterlands Battle Challenge

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2 weeks ago

The time has come to take out the big guns... the giants! The Hill Giants are scary but they have a marshmallow heart. They live on the outskirts of the Mountain of Ash, traveling from hilltop to hilltop after deer and cattle. They are curios of other cultures and civilizations, seeking knowledge not war.

But don't thing this Big Friendly Giant can't fight! When threatened, they will know how to defend. The Hill Giants will hurl boulders in their enemies.

This dude is scary ... using a tree as a toothpick! This common Earth monster was added with the other Chaos Legion cards. It is a cheap option for main tank, as 3 mana are well spent for 6 health points and 1 melee damage. The Hill Giant gets even better, gaining the Stun ability at level 6.

The Darkest Obsidian on the Hill! Noxious Fumes and Reverse Speed made this 54 mana cap battle quite special. All the monsters will start the battle poisoned, while slow monster will attack first and will have a higher chance to avoid attacks.

Obsidian: +1 spell power

Grund: Main Tank with Double Strike

Hill Giant: Fake-Tank

Mycelic Slipspawn: Tank with Taunt

Goblin Psychic: Caster with Heal

Centauri Mage: Caster with Return Fire

Sand Worm: OP Melee with Sneak

I was fighting another Obsidian, so the question is which is the darkest obsidian on the hill? My opponent went for reduced damage, using the Mycelic Infantry as the main tank and the Unicorn Mustang as an off-tank. The Elven Defender and Mycelic Slipspawn were added for extended scenarios, while the Goblin and Royal Peryton will try to use the extra spell power to gain advantage.

The enemy's Slipspawn was the first causality, even before the first round of poison. The fumes hit everyone with deadly decay, bringing many monsters one hit away from obliteration

The success of battles under poison fumes is quickness and efficiency. My ninja team managed to nuke the Goblin healer and get rid of the Infantry. The poison hit all but made no new victims. The Goblin wasn't so kind, dealing the fatal blow to the Unicorn Mustang.

The forth round was the last, as the wave of poison cleared the floor. The Hill Giant was standing tall, heavy affected by the fumes but still looking good. The Centaur Mage gave him a nod of gratitude as she acknowledged the protection given by the BFG. See the full battle here!

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Written by   1060
2 weeks ago
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