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Aelf Project Update - Finding utility to the $ELF tokens

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3 weeks ago
Topics: AELF, Elf, Atomic Wallet, Binance, Staking, ...

After 2 years of slaking on Atomic Wallet, my $ELF tokens moved to Binance. This happened only because of the new locked staking that were added last month. 

I am a crypto enthusiast since 2015 and I consider up to date with cryptocurrencies news. It was the summer of 2020 when I first heard about the AELF Project. It wasn't about elves, folklore stories and mythology, as I discovered a project that was planning to integrate a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network to facilitate interaction with other block-chain systems, including BTC and ETH. 

The main goal of the network was to solve three major issues for block-chains: limited performance, lack of resource segregation and governance work frame. The ALEF block-chain and side-chains are providing high efficiency and scalability to handle transactions/applications, high flexibility to customize  smart contracts to meet different needs and will provide adaptability to new technology. 

All the fancy terms were integrated in the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol, a tool that was created to assist with cross-chain asset transfers between blockchain systems and cross-chain exchange between block-chain systems. Hackers where invited to breach the CCTP and no one succeeded.

My AELF story started on the 6th of May 2020, when I published AELF Project - changing the world one step at the time.  This was my first participation in the Publish0x writing competitions, when the winners were fewer and the prizes where harder to get. My article was one of the winners, 9th place and $10 in DAI.  

It was August when I seen an announcement about an other AELF writing competition, this time organized by the AELF Project. With my knowledge from the previous competition, and inspired by the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol, I wrote my first crypto bedtime story! The Aelf Prince, the Supreme Wizard and the Thieves Guild was a mix of crypto news and fantasy. The article has a different style and different approach, a catchy style that markemy humble beginnings as a content creator. 

I will tell you a folklore legend, a story that my grandfather told me in the early 2030. Stay awhile and listen ... the story of the Aelf Prince, the Supreme Wizard and the Thieves Guild.

Once upon a time, before Count Dracula used the Bran Castle as his stronghold, many thousands of year before, when fae was ruling this world, this castle was the seat of the Aelf Prince. He was aided in wisdom and diplomacy by the Supreme Wizard, who was using his magic to defend the castle from any invaders and the Aelf Prince from assassins, poisons and any natural and un-natural danger.

I won the 1st place in the AELF competition with my fantasy story and the 1000 ELF tokens. I completed few other tasks, and tested the aelf wallet, and topped up my ELF stash to 1176 tokens. They did cobwebs between August 2020 and August 2022, when I finally sent them to Binance. Must admit that $1.42 was bloody cheap for an Ethereum Mainnet transaction. 

One more click and the ELF was sent successfully, after 2 full years of getting rusty. Binance brought new opportunities to earn, and the ELFs are finally going out of the workshop! 

The Locked Staking opportunities on Binance where juicy, with 59.97% APY for the 90 days locking period. Only 16.29% for two months and 12.76% for one month staking, but still better than earning nothing for two years.

My personal quota for the 90 Locked Staking was 150 ELF, and the estimated interest for that amount will be 22 ELF tokens. I staked the remaining 1026 for 60 days, and the estimated interest is 27 AELF tokens. It's nice to see that this stash of crypto is finally multiplying, after two years of slacking.

The rewards were distributed on a daily basis, and I perpetually added small batches of $ELF for 60 days locked stacking. They keep farming and growing, increasing my AELF portfolio as THIS IS THE WAY!

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Written by   1119
3 weeks ago
Topics: AELF, Elf, Atomic Wallet, Binance, Staking, ...
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