Across Protocol - The hard work behind the scene and the fair-fair launch

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What is Across Protocol?

Across Protocol was  created to be the cheapest, fastest, cheapest and most secure L2 to L1 bridge. Join the Across Discord Channel to become one of the co-founders, and own a part of the protocol. The newly born community will need engineers, content creators, evangelists, social media staff, and marketing people. The SuperUMAns principles of smooth communication and building relationships will be the foundation of the community.

Before launch, the Across Protocol Beta was audited by OpenZeppelin and has been cheapest and fastest than any other protocol on the market. Across Protocol can bridge USDC, Ethereum and UMA from Arbitrum Network back to L1 Ethereum. The Bridge and transactions are powered and insured by the UMA Optimistic Oracle. 

The Optimistic Oracle (OO) will contrast the Price-Feed Data Oracle by leveraging game theoretical forces to ensure that the contracts can trust the responses, solving coordination problems in ways that are cheaper, faster, and more secure than other solutions. Read An Introduction to Across Protocol by  EverythingBlockchain for in-depth details about Layer 2 solutions and Roll-ups.

The "Fair Fair" Launch

The creation and distribution of the Across token will be leaded by the community. The token will be forged in public, by the public. The "fair fair" launch was a social experiment and offered a fully-functional protocol for free. The community will receive ownership of the audited Across Protocol and will decide how the project will unwrap. The Across community received a pencil sketch masterpiece and will have to "fill it with color"!

The Across Protocol Launch Party took place on Twitter and on the Across Discord Channel. We had music, top guest speakers, POAPs, quiz and lot of fun. The after-party went on and on, and the party vibes lasted for few days after launch.

I added two more POAPs in my collection, two blockchain memories from the Across Genesis. If the Launch Party POAP was claimed by 252 people, the Across Protocol Launch Day Quiz is rare. 

Every party must have surprises, and @ArtistByron  spiced up the day with one of his amazing drawings. The gigantic troll from under the bridge came to check the best bridge ever. UMA and Across will create a "bridging" fairy-tale! 

I liked the Troll Across the Bridge so much that I had to "mint" it on a t-shirt. How many of you guys are on WAX? Would the Across Troll raise any interest? Maybe we can mint the NFT as well!

But when Across DAO?

If Non-Fungible Token is the top word of 2021, DAO is closely enough in the trends. Every organization thrives towards decentralization, every organizations dreams to become a DAO.

Across DAO is part of the roadmap, but at the moment the admin functions of the contracts are in possession of the creators. The Across community will receive them when the organization will mature enough to receive them. This chapter is set to happen once a robust consensus mechanism is created, after a development team will assemble and after the token distribution plan will be set up. The tokenomics development started already, and the panel of experts works hard to create the framework for token creation and token distribution.

The project keeps evolving day by day and the Across Discord Channel already reached 4200 co-founders. Meanwhile, are you bridging today?

Even the Captcha knows who's the new boss in town, and bridge verification shows more often now. Can you select all the images with bridges? I think I may missed the most important!


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