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When he was only 10 years old, serious problems started. Serious problems started in the state. Alexei is the fifth child and only son of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and his mother, Zarina Alexandra of Russia, is the source of serious problems. Alexi is a hemophilic. Alexi was hemophilic at the time, when hemophilia was a terminal illness. Alexei was a hemophilic at a time when tsarism did not reveal its secrets.

Alexei is the only son of Tsar Nicholas

What would have been the reaction of the Russians if they had known that their next tsar was seriously ill? Maybe if they knew the truth, they would understand why their Tsar Nicholas was giving his family more time than meeting the needs of the people. Perhaps they viewed Nicholas as a loving father rather than a ruler. But when the people found out that Alexei was terminally ill, by the time Russia became embroiled in war, they were starving. Most of their troops are fighting barefoot, then Russia needs change. But Tsar Nicholas could not understand the demands of the people, when he realized that he no longer had the authority over Russia that he thought was God-given.

Russia's last Tsar Nicholas II

Nicholas II in general was a good man. His father was Tsar Alexander III, who died at the age of 49, and his grandfather was Tsar Alexander II, who was brutally murdered. Nicholas never wanted to be a czar by himself, being a czar was his destiny. He was a loving man. He fell in love with Alex (later renamed Alexandra), the granddaughter of the beautiful Princess of Germany, Queen Victoria of England. Alexandra's mother, Victoria's daughter, Alice died at a young age. When Alice was 35, her son contracted diphtheria. Alice kisses the boy to show sympathy, this is how the deadly diphtheria virus of that time was transmitted to Alice's body. Although Alexandra remained in Germany after Alice's death, she spent most of her time in England with her grandmother Victoria. Later, when Russia got involved in the war with Germany, the Russian people forgot that English blood was flowing in Alexandra's body. Most Russians thought he was an abominable German

When Nicholas proposes marriage to Alexandra, Nicholas's parents do not agree, because Alexandra's character lacks much of the dynamic qualities needed to be a Russian Zarina. Moreover, they wanted to marry Nicholas to the Princess of France in order to develop relations with France. But in the end the will of son Nicholas prevailed. After the sudden death of his father Alexander III, Nicholas married Alexandra at about the same time and ascended the throne as Tsar of Russia. Did anyone then realize that Nicholas would be the last Tsar of the dynasty that had ruled Russia for 300 years?

How did Nicholas lose his empire in 1794, in just 20 years? How did he become isolated from his people? The fact is, Nicholas never interacted with ordinary people. He could never imagine how desperate his people were for one meal. When the people needed the Tsar's presence the most, his sympathy, Nicholas lived next to the bed of the sick child Alexis in his palace. People thought that the Tsar was ignoring their plight. Although it is known from the personal diaries of Tsar and Zarina (A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story), Nicholas felt the plight of the people, thinking of improving their condition, but it was not made public. Although there was no public involvement with Nicholas, he had good relations with elite society. But there came a time when the elite got involved with the society. There came a time in the life of the royal family when a wonderful charismatic monk named Gregory Efimovich Novyk arrived, whom most people knew as Rasputin. Most modern historians believe that Rasputin's presence was one of the main reasons for the fall of Tsar Nicholas.

The rise and fall of Rasputin

Nicholas II made many wrong decisions when he was a tsar.

After his marriage to Alexandra and his inauguration as the new Tsar, Nicholas hosted a royal banquet for his subjects, at which about two thousand people, known as Khodynka Tragedy, were trampled to death by the crowd while collecting food and wine. Nicholas and Alexandra were deeply embroiled in this horrific accident and wanted to cancel a party for other members of the European royal family in honor of the new tsar. But he could not cancel, for his advisers, who thought that if the party was canceled, the members of the royal family who had already left for the occasion would feel humiliated. Nicholas য who never wanted to be a Tsar learned how to suppress his own will and prioritize the advice of advisers. The people of Russia saw this tragedy at the inauguration of the Tsar as a bad omen.

Nicholas became Tsar of Russia when he was only 26 years old. He was unprepared to take charge of the tsar, immature in decision making. In 1904, when Nicholas was involved in a war with Japan, he thought his country needed an ice-free port on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. But in that war Russia was tragically defeated by Japan, which hurt the ego of the Russian people. At the instigation of some generals, a failed popular revolution took place in 1905, which was suppressed by events such as Bloody Sunday, which further reduced Nicholas' acceptance among the people. When World War I broke out, Nicholas decided to retain control of the Russian military, despite not being as qualified as a military leader. When the riots broke out in St. Petersburg, he was on the battlefield অথচ but the situation could have been different had he been in town.

Nicholas II made many wrong decisions when he was a tsar. But no decision was worse than giving Rasputin a chance to get into the royal family.

When no one could stop Alexi's bleeding, Rasputin was the only one who stopped the bleeding. Although twentieth-century physicians thought Rasputin knew hypnotizing, he would stop bleeding by hypnotizing Alexis. But at the turn of the century, to Zarina Alexandra, Rasputin's ability to stop this bloodshed seemed to be a divine power, and she became dependent on Rasputin for the child's survival.

Rasputin's many enemies are due to his chaotic lifestyle, excessive consumption of alcohol, and indecent treatment of women. Despite their repeated allegations, Tsar Nicholas, especially Alexandra, could not take any disciplinary action against Rasputin. Even then, Nicholas once deported Rasputin from the royal court. But when Alexei started bleeding again while on vacation in Poland in 1912, both Tsar and Zarina became very upset. When little Alexi could not bear the pain and said to his mother in a moaning voice, ‘If I die, I will probably be relieved of this pain, won’t I, mother?’, Rasputin was immediately informed and he came and stopped the bleeding again. Since Alexi's hemophilia was a secret to the public, they did not understand why Zarina was indulging Rasputin so much. Most people thought that Rasputin had an illicit relationship with Alexandra. Even elite society could not accept Rasputin's relationship with Tsar and Zarina. Other members of the royal family also began to panic when they saw that Rasputin was also playing a strong role in the Tsar's decision, because Nicholas often decided to talk to Alexandra and Alexandra listened to Rasputin's advice. In the end, some members of the royal family and some members of the elite community decided that only by killing Rasputin could the Tsar and Russia be freed from Rasputin's clutches.

Prince Felix Yussupov, husband of Tsar Nicholas' sister's daughter, invited Rasputin to his home in St. Petersburg on December 16, 1918 (December 29, according to the Gregorian calendar). There Rasputin was first fed cyanide-mixed wine and cake, but Rasputin did not die. Felix then shot Rasputin in the chest, and another conspirator shot him twice more, but Rasputin was not killed. The injured Rasputin was later dumped into the Neva River from a bridge on Petrovsky Island. His body was found a few days later.

Before his death, Rasputin made a strange prophecy to Tsar Nicholas

"If I die at the hands of ordinary people, you, Tsar of Russia, don't worry about your children, they will rule Russia for hundreds of years.

"And if one of your relatives is the cause of my death, then listen, all your family members will be killed in the next two years, at the hands of the Russian people."

Nicholas II was forced to relinquish power in March 1918, three months after Rasputin was assassinated by a Romanov family member, and in less than two years, Nicholas' family was assassinated, at the hands of the leaders of the Russian people!

End of tsarism

Prince Felix thought he could save tsarism by killing Rasputin. But in reality the opposite happened. Many historians now believe that Prince Felix fired the first shot of the Russian Revolution. Earlier, Nicholas had been involved in a war with a relatively powerful German empire. But on the battlefield it was seen that the Russian forces were not ready for war at all. They lost every war with Germany. At that point, Nicholas made a fatal mistake and took the lead in the war. But the situation did not change, but the Tsar was blamed for all the defeats.

He moved from the capital to the battlefield to conduct the war. With Alexandra came the great responsibility of running the country. Inexperienced Zarina went to run the country on the advice of Rasputin and created a chaotic situation. The capital, St. Petersburg, is experiencing a severe food crisis. Demonstrations continue every day. In the meantime, when Rasputin was killed, Zarina was left alone. People started calling Alexandra a German spy for defeating the war. Gradually, they began to wage war and a severe food crisis. The Tsar sent orders from the battlefield to calm the situation with the army. But where is that skilled army? They were then buried in a mass grave in Poland. After that, the Tsar was busy fighting over it. Only volunteer soldiers in the capital then. This inexperienced army fired on the civilians. Elected members of the Legislative Assembly advised the Tsar to take steps to improve the condition of the people. But Tsar Nicholas again failed to understand the language of the people, breaking up the Duma ahead of schedule.

If he had talked to the common people, he would have understood how helpless they are, how poor they are! If he had seen the factories, he would have understood what a miserable situation there is! But in a royal family where Nicholas grew up, where he was taught, the Tsar never spoke to the public, the Tsar never had to go to see the factory environment! Nicholas never understood the winds of change that swept across Europe at that time. He did not even realize how much change his country needed. His inflexibility in this matter was another major reason for his downfall.

Nicholas did not seem to see how the Russian social system was collapsing!

When Duma was finally broken up, the soldiers joined the rebellion with the people. The February Revolution of 1917 took place. The members of the disbanded Duma formed the Provisional Government together with the army and the general public. Close friends and advisers at this time asked Nicholas to abdicate. Realizing that there was no other way out, Nicholas relinquished his claim to the throne in March 1917 on behalf of himself and his ailing son Alexei, and wrote a letter to his younger brother, Michael, as the next jar. But by rejecting Michael, the Provisional Government declared the death of tsarism. Michael himself was killed by the Bolsheviks in the summer of 1917.

The last Tsar of Russia's powerful Romanov dynasty, Nikolai Romanov, was placed under house arrest by the Provisional Government, along with all members of his family, first in Alexander the Great and later in the Tobolsk Governor's Mansion.

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