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Crypto Lesson for Beginners "Fork"

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A 'fork,' in the crypto realm, is simply a modification in the protocol of a blockchain. A decentralized network is essential for cryptocurrencies because it ensures that the blockchain's history is preserved for all participants. If this does not happen, a phenomenon known as a chain split occurs, where two blockchains are simultaneously active on different portions of the network.

Soft and Hard Forks

  • Soft forks, on the other hand, consist of just minor changes that are both optional and backwards compatible. Because the previous blocks are still readable, the old rules aren't obsolete, and no one needs to update. When users upgrade from an older version of the blockchain, only one version is still valid.

  • Hard forks occur when a modification is not backwards compatible with earlier versions; they are permanent and force all users to upgrade to the current rules. Chainsplits will create two distinct blockchains following the fork if certain participants refuse to update. Either both blockchains coexist and operate separately at this time, or one of them takes over.

Non-contentious hard forks are those in which all parties agree to accept the new set of rules.

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Intentional and Accidental Forks

  • Accidental Forks - As a result of different miners discovering a block almost simultaneously and creating two blockchains by accident. As more blocks are added, one chain lengthens while the other blocks are discarded, these forks tend to resolve quickly.

  • Intentional Forks - Forks are created when developers disagree on how the software should operate. The rules of the protocol are altered, and a new coin is created. If there is no more demand, the token's value will drop to zero and it will no longer be mined. If there is sufficient support for a new coin, deliberate chain splits can be successful. Both assets have room for growth.


Bitcoin cash is a successful hard fork of Bitcoin that was created in 2017. Until block 478,558, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have the same history. A series of controversies within the Bitcoin community, including debates regarding Satoshi's real goal for Bitcoin, particularly block size and the deployment of "Segregated Witness," prompted the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

A popular fork of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic (ETC), was created after the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) was hacked and over $50 million in ETH was stolen. The bulk of the Ethereum community agreed on a hard fork at block 1,920,000 after the significant debate.

Cloning and Forking are the same?

Forking and cloning are two different concepts that are occasionally used interchangeably. Cloning, on the other hand, is the act of copying the codebase of one currency and making modest changes to it on a whole new ledger.

Code-sharing systems like Github encourage cloning, so you can quickly copy an existing node application and modify it. The updated code can then be run to generate a brand new blockchain from scratch. This frequently results in ground-breaking breakthroughs. The term "fork" refers to the act of altering the source code of another program to generate a new one. A new cryptocurrency can be produced in this manner.


In 2011, Charlie Lee, a former Google developer, launched Litecoin. A few settings like the proof-of-work challenge and the speed at which blocks are generated were modified using the original Bitcoin code. He was able to do this because of the increased transaction speed and scalability of Bitcoin.

Forks have a large impact on the bitcoin ecosystem, both positively and negatively. Forks are a common way to create and improve cryptocurrencies, but they can also cause controversy, increase risks, and exacerbate ambiguity within the community. Forks will continue to play an important role in the growth and development of the whole cryptocurrency sector as more people with various ambitions enter the space.

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