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XLI: True or Faux

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2 months ago

[WP] One morning, you woke up with the ability to see true and false when written down. If it glows a golden color then it is true, but if it glows a dark color, then it is false. Out of curiosity, you go to the library and walk into the History section, and to your horror, all you see is darkness.


Demeter stood, surveying the scene before her. So this was the handwork of one member of the Foundation's deadliest duo of Field Agents - Mill. She smiled as she thought about defeating him. It would barely add any clout to her name, or at least not the quality that she'd wanted. A man who had been seriously devastated by Flames' assault and reduced to a half-dead spectre by five men - she might have as well killed a Level 5 agent rather than the almighty Mill.

But did she care about that? No. Because apparently, Mill was ready to go at it, even though it was clear to both that he was at his limit. What would it feel like to fight a man that was willingly pushing hisnefl beyond his limits, unleashing his full ability, and risking leaving himself in a catatonic state? She could see why he was doing that anyway - they were taking no prisoners, and he knew this. The aim was to kill him, and there was no way they'd rest until he was dead.

But within Demeter herself, there lurked a secret, pressing need to prove herself. To whom? For what? It was all about Flames. Ever since she met Flames on that fateful day she was reduced, she had a secret adoration for the woman she saw - bold, courageous, unorthodox. Everything about her exided confidence, mystery and total badass.

Unfortunately for her, Flames was a lonewolf, not easily accepting the company of anyone or a protege of any sort. It took her a while to find out why, and when she found out that Flames requested that she be transported to another unit because she was not needed in theirs, she was furious at being discarded by someone she looked up to.

"You don't understand her, do you?" Harmonia laughed when she first told her about this feeling. "First off, Flames already knows you're a Special Level 5 agent. She didn't feel her unit needed someone like that, so she shipped you off to a unit that would really need it, mine. Actually, we didn't particularly need you," she said, looking Demeter in the eye, "but Flames holds me in high regard even though we have our petty squabbles every now and then. She wouldn't think of sending you anywhere else but here, and that's why you're here."

Demeter still couldn't deal with the rejection. "But then why doesn't she need a partner? Justice agents are known to operate in duos, so why does she not have any partner, and why didn't she choose me? We'd have made a ooweful-"

"You'd be dead. Flames'first partner was a Level 5 guy with some ice manipulation ability, because they thought he would be the best matchup to her ability. One mission became more than they could handle discreetly, and Flames went all out. The Guy for in the direct line of fire by mistake and suffered first degree burns that required ten months of therapy at Asclepius' lab her before he could bounce back, and he never returned to that unit. Flames is unorthodox, and her refusing partners is to protect them, not to be snobbish. She fights better when she doesn't have to watch out for anyone."

That birthed the pride in Demeter. She was going to make sure that she ascebded to a pinnacle where Flames would recognize her as an equal, not deadweight. And that was why she had interest in Prometheus, or Jermaine. He was someone Flames had come to trust and rely on in a short while.

"Mill, I'll advise you to enter overdrive now. You'll need it."

Mill was already enraged by her snobbish attitude, and his vertebral spines began to grow, and project out his back as crystals. He pulled one and broke it off.

"Proliferation. Spray "

I turned to Demeter. " That one is going to grow and scatter into other crystals. Wide range," I said.

"Piece of cake."

As soon as Mill threw it, it scattered. Mill looked keenly to see what her ability was, but he was soon pulled into the air by an underground root that Demeter manipulated. At the same time, a dense network of vibes grew, shielding us from all the crystals.

As the vines cleared, Demeter waved her hand, and Millnwas slammed on to the ground with such a tremendous force, I heard his bones break.

"Ultra-dense crystals, the report said. A falling body accelerates uniformly, and the speed of fall only increases the force with which the body will fall and the effect of the impact on the body. Ultra-dense crystals are have nothing on a fall like that."

Mill barely wheezed when he tried to bleed, His blood pooling around him.

"You weren't enough for me. I'll need to defeat far more than waste like you for her to recognize me."

As I watched in horror, the roots surrounded and entangled Mill, who's was weakly fighting them. Then when his body totally covered, they became taut, and squeezed him until his blood splattered and seeped through the tiny spaces.

As they untangled, the bag of bones that used to be the Foundation's best agent fell to the ground, dead.

Flames might have had a flashy fire ability, but there was something eerie and scary about how cold Demeter was.



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Written by   224
2 months ago
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Was this ever finished? Cuz I read so slow these days, maaannn

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Sorry 🥺 I never did get around to finishing this I see you tho, thanks for the upvotes. How has your juungle work been going lately?

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But I'll be here if you decide to continue this :") My juungle work? It's on hiatus til I can draw again. I have laboratory work now :"(

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Saludos amigo que buen tema

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