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X: True or Faux

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1 month ago
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[WP] One morning, you woke up with the ability to see true and false when written down. If it glows a golden color then it is true, but if it glows a dark color, then it is false. Out of curiosity, you go to the library and walk into the History section, and to your horror, all you see is darkness.


The phone buzzing attracted Mill's attention, and he nodded at Meek to focus on the road while he took the call.

"Agent Mill responding."

"Yes, this is fresh information coming from Headquarters. The car has been spotted about two kilometers south from here, heading towards Freemont Avenue. It's more than likely that they intend to leave the city, and they've made it that far while remaining under the radar."

Mill sighed, raising an eyebrow. "Oi, I thought you said that they could use that Incognito ability over the range of one kilometer only. How did they get twice that far from here in such a short amount of time?"

"That's not important. The fact is that you know where they currently are. And they are alone too, this time. The anomaly there with her is basically dead weight; a package you should just pick up. It is now you against the Arsonist, and I'm sure, for the sake of your pride and your fate at the Foundation," he said, emphasizing the last words and making it known that the conversation from the previous morning was not forgotten.

"I couldn't;t be any less bothered about all of that, PointGuard," he said, making sure to stress the name and not stating his rank. "We'll get the guy and tidy up the other side mission too, so hold your horses. It won't be that easy to get rid of us anyway, not that anyone can anyway."

Meek laughed, not just because he knew Mill was deliberately stirring up trouble, but because he could already hear the superior at the other end snapping and trying to get his emotions in check.

PointGuard laughed ominously."Your tongue will get you in a lot of trouble soon, Agent Mill. The Foundation has heard and recorded your little rant this morning, and this is being recorded. Appropriate action will be taken against you, but I wonder if the Arsonist will get to you fir-"

Mill ended the call, throwing the phone in the backseat and running his hands through his hair. "Nothing would make me happier than to send a crustal the size of a whale crashing into Foundation headquarters at this rate," he muttered while they sped towards the location based on the new information they'd received.

"You do know you're still digging while you're in a pit, right? Then again, not like I care, but the Foundation won't welc0me us with open arms when we're done with this mission, will they?"

Mill smirked. The bug guy was useful when it came down to combat, but he was mostly just clueless. If not for the protection he offered, there was no reason why he would be found with someone like that. But it was the needs over the wants, so he entertained his cluelessness.

"The Foundation isn't even a topic of discussion anymore; you know how far we've got in these plans, haven't you? The only reason why we're still playing games with them is that it would be easier to use their facilities to find that girl. We owe her a painful death after that duel five years ago and the aftermath. We were the butt of the jokes, insults, and banter for all those years, so the Foundation and the Arsonist will have to bear all the smoke, and trust me, it will be a lot."

Meek looked sideways at his partner. "And what would you do against the Foundation? I hope that big brain of yours isn't thinking up some complex scheme that will put us into some deep sh*t later."

"Nothing big. I'll just sell confidential information on the Foundation to anyone and everyone that wants it, including Justice. They'll just have to pay the token fee of The Arsonist's life," Mill said, whipping out his laptop.

"What are you doing?"

"Setting up red lights at key junctions to slow them down. Continuous violations could lead to a high-speed police chase, and even someone as crazy as Flames won't dare to cause a scene in that situation. We'll be able to reach them in about four minutes and then she will be dead meat."

"And what about the other guy?"

Mill looked up. "What about him? He's useless. Let him go or something, that guy can't hurt a fly with that ability, so he doesn't even matter in the grand scheme of-"

Mill was cut off by the large fireball in the sky.


They just managed to jump out of the car in time before it exploded in flames, hit by a fireball the size of a bowling ball. Only then did they see Flames the Arsonist standing on the empty road, with the anomaly behind her, looking at them.

In his right hand was a book, and he seemed to be writing in it.

"You saved us the stress of having to come to meet you, Arsonist."

"Anything to help you get to the other side faster," she spat.

"You're seriously going to fight with your top priority consignment right there? That's a handicap, you know," Meek said, whipping out his guns.

She smiled. "Do I have to tie one hand behind my back to make it fair?"



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Written by   216
1 month ago
Topics: Story, Reading, Fiction, Diary, Crime, ...
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