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Villain in Plain Sight

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2 months ago

[WP] You are pretty sure that your roommate is a new villain terrorizing the city and you are conflicted. They cook extra food for you and your other roommates frequently, pay you their share of the bills on time, and even help to clean the apartment. They are the perfect roommate.


Sarah looked at her breakfast and sighed in contentment. Was this heaven? She definitely thought so. Because how else would she be able to have breakfast at home that too expertly made. Her new roommate, Gillian was godsend. She had had her fair share of roommates, including the three she lived with right now but Gillian- Gillian was an angel. Everyday Gillian said she accidentally made extra breakfast, extra enough for three other roommates. She was never late on her share of rent or any other bill and even kept the flat in order! Sarah knew if this kept up she was going to fall in love with her.

She picked up the paper and saw the headline staring at her *The Ghost Killer Strikes Again!"

"Again." She muttered horrified as she started reading the paper.

*"Brian, 32, has been found dead in his apartment by Jane, his friend, on the morning of November 15th. Jane told us that she was worried because Brian hadn't picked up his phone in days, but our sources tell us that Brian was seen the past night partying at the club "Adieu" with a female companion.

The ghost killer has the habit of leaving absolutely zero evidence at the crime scene and in fact a better a apartment than the tenant maintained themselves. The only thing ever left behind was a pink handkerchief. But the details of the handkerchief has been released first time to the public. There's a small bunny holding a flower embroidered in the corner.

So if any of our readers has seen or has any knowledge about this feel free to contact or call 911."*

Sarah froze has she read the last paragraph over and over again. She knew that handkerchief, she saw that handkerchief. She put down the paper and swallowed the last bite as fast as she could. If her intuitions were correct, which she really hoped it was not, then she definitely had a lead on the killer.


Sarah was thankful that she was alone in the apartment otherwise she could never have done this because telling the others would be disaster. What if she was wrong? Or worse. What if she was right?!

She slowly opened the door and looked at the impeccably made bed and swallowed. Was she certain that she wanted to do this? She gulped. Yes, yes she had to. Because she needed to know the truth. She started with nightstand drawers like an amateur. Before moving to the wardrobe, careful not to move anything much because Sarah knew her roommate was going to notice. She looked at every single drawer. But she found nothing. Her heart started to return to it's normal rhythm. She was mistaken. It must've been something else.

Sighing she sat down on the bed rubbing her face in exhaustion. She looked up and saw an adorable girl staring back at her from the photo frame kept on the bedside table. Smiling softly, she picked up the picture. She knew who this was. It was her roommates sister, who unfortunately died when she was 16. She didn't know much about how because it was too personal and she wasn't that good friends with her roommates that she could've asked her.

Sarah was about to put down the picture when something caught her eye. Something peaking out of the girls purse.



It was time to know the truth. And before confronting a possible killer she needed to make sure she was absolutely right.

Sarah opened her laptop and waited for it to load. Why the fuck did computers go so slow especially when they know you are in a hurry? Finally the chime sounded, making her jump and why shouldn't it, she was possibly flatmates with a killer.

Calm down, she told herself.

She took a deep breath. It absolutely had zero effect. So she got down to business. And wrote the first thing that came to her mind, Connie Williams, instantly a page filled with one horrific article after another jumped up.

Teen brutally murdered.

Teen murdered, foul play suspected.

Sarah couldn't read article after article of the horrific things that the poor girl had to go through. There were a few suspects but no one had been arrested in over 10 years. The police suspected more than 5 people were involved and nothing more.

The pieces finally began to take shape in her mind. And she knew what she had to do. In fact she was going to do it today before it was too late.


Sarah looked as her roommate entered the flat looking beat but satisfied. She gave Sarah a smile before moving towards her room.

"I just want to let you know that I'm really grateful to have a roommate like you." Sarah said before she lost her nerve.

Her roommate smiled, confused. But Sarah waived her hand before she could say anything.

"And I also want to say that I really love that picture of your sister but I really think you should change it, Gillian." Sarah said praying that Gillian understood what she meant by it.

Gillian froze before giving a reluctant nod. She opened her mouth as if to say something.

"You don't have to. I would have done the same." Sarah said knowing it was the truth.

There was a long beat of silence before Gillian spoke.

"Thank you."



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Written by   274
2 months ago
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