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To Kill A Priest II

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1 month ago
Topics: Series, Death, Art, Thriller, Online, ...

Before I could order a single word, the priest bus into my house and slammed the door.

I was stuttering trying to give an explanation for my actions. "I didn't see anything at all, why are you here?"

He looked at me with so much venom in his eyes before use for features softened and he asked me why I was in the church at that time. I could see that he was trying to sound calm and make but the crowbar in his hand gave his intentions away. I knew that was in danger at this point, but there was nothing I could do.

"My Mom asked me to go there for prayers after school today and that's why I was there. I just happened to be there, but I didn't mean to say anything. I'm not telling... I'm not going to tell anybody about it."

He said that he trusted me, but he had to make sure still. His voice was soft and condescending as he told me I was not supposed to be there and asked why I moved to that room, failing to mind my business and why I invaded his privacy.

I had no response for this barrage of questions and I was looking warily at his hand which was fidgeting and gripping the crowbar with incredible Force he looked like he was going to hit me with it anytime soon.

He told me that I had made a big mistake and that since actions always had consequences, I was to close my eyes and pray.

Actually, I wish I'd actually obeyed him and closed my eyes and closed my eyes because I didn't miss the smile on his lips as you brought down the club all my head, cracking my skull and rendering me unconscious.

The last thought on my mind was regret on how I had lived my short life trusting people like this.

But my soul couldn't move on to the afterlife because my death was too violent and my soul was too bitter to move on so I was trapped in that house all this while, transferring my anger to other innocent people.

And now, 10 years later, fate about me face-to-face with that demon. There and then, I knew that revenge was the only thing that kept me here. Somehow my subconscious knew that once had exerted my revenge against this man, I could finally find rest.

He looked at me again, now white as a sheet. He staggered backward a bit. "Y-you... So it is true?"

I smirked. "Oh, come on, father. If someone saw you right now, they would think that you saw a ghost. Or, silly me... I am one, aren't I? A ghost from your dark, dirty past, yeah? What a reunion this is!"

He spoke up. "What are you still doing here? You're dead, you have no business among the living!"

I looked at him, all the object of all my negative emotions all these years, and the real reason why I was still stuck in this plane, no matter how much I tried. My soul would never bring itself to leave because of revenge. "For a man who claims to be well versed in spiritual and biblical stuff, don't you think you sound dumb right now? You were the one who always talked about the Cain and Abel story, and how Abel's blood was crying out against his brother-turned-murderer, weren't you? So this should be perfectly understandable."

He took steps backward. "What do you even mean by that?"

"I mean that no matter how much I tried to move on, and forget all that happened, I just couldn't. My soul couldn't be brought to excuse my brutal murder at such a young age by a respected clergyman, who was already sinning, to begin with. I think it's God's will that you came here, priest. To face the ghosts of your past."

He laughed mockingly before grabbing his crucifix from the ground. "And what are you planning to do now, ghost? Now that God has brought us both here, what do you plan on doing by way of revenge?"

"Nothing much. First of all, I'll be going where I should have gone all these years. The past decade has been hard on me. But more importantly, I won't go without taking you with me!"

He screamed. "As If!" As he grabbed the golden thurible and waved it wildly in my face, emitting a lot of incense smoke. "May this lost soul find a resting place, and may the evil in its heart depart, Amen!"

For a second, I felt very dizzy and even more angry that he had been able to exorcise me and send me back to where I came from, but when the smoke cleared, I was still where I stood, feeling as energetic as ever.

As he stood, mouth gaping, I ran towards him and thrust my hand through his belly, relishing the blood that splattered everywhere. I somehow knew it would work, even though I'd never tried it. My first and last kill would only be an act of retribution.

"In a while, the stomach acid and gastric contents will flow into your chest and pelvic cavities, and then what do you think will happen? You'll die, of course, being aware of this incredible pain. Unlike me, you'll see all, feel all and start the excruciating pain you will experience in hell, right here on earth.

He groaned as my figure began to fade away, finally finding peace. I turned to the father of the Smith Family. "I guess you guys won;lt be able to stay here after all. Too bad. And with a reputation like this, I doubt no one will stay in this building, which makes sense because it should be in my memory. Try not to get caught up in the police investigation."

And with that, I was gone. Straight to the afterlife.



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Written by   216
1 month ago
Topics: Series, Death, Art, Thriller, Online, ...
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That was a pretty peaceful ending despite the murder 😅

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1 week ago