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Skar: Twenty One

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Skar: Twenty

[SP] every time you kill someone, their fatal wound shows up as a scar on your body.


I stopped my hands from shaking as I focused on the first bug. I was going to start with the most difficult, farthest locations to reach, which meant those upstairs. Since I could more than likely be unable to get close enough to control them remotely – despite the bugs having a wide range for remote control. I had to place them well, because this was most likely going to be the last time I was within the estate. And then I had to worry about doing all this while watching the clock, because I couldn’t be more than two minutes late.

I shrugged all that off and continued manipulating it. The bug’s camera feed gave me a good idea of where I was moving with it, and the camera features could reveal hidden infrared lasers which were supposed to be sensors that would trigger alarms, perhaps. I navigated my way around all that, already knowing where I wanted this camera to be. The floor plan I studied was very useful in this situation, as I spotted a door to my right with a bit of space under the door.

I moved the moved the bug under that door, and I was inside the master bedroom. Smiling, I moved the bug to the little bookshelf and settled amongst the books that looked like they didn’t get touched often. That was one down, five to go. I controlled the next bug to the hallway and moved it to the ceiling, making sure it was in an inconspicuous corner. With that, I had clear audio-visuals of the room and the hallway.

I needed one more upstairs, in the other room there. I moved one under the door, and hid it in a corner near the power outlet. Five minutes to go, and I had three left. I moved one to the kitchen, hiding it on one of the overhead kitchen cabinets. One was placed at the TV stand, and I had the last one hidden in the little closet in the sitting room, after passing it under the door. I had no idea why there was a closet in that room, but I didn’t dwell on that too much, I had barely three minutes to get back to the car and get out of those clothes. When I managed to head back out to the road, the situation with the security, the residents, the crew and the Hollywood stars was just getting under control.

Some paparazzi had managed to get into the estate, and security was also preoccupied with handling them. I managed to slip back into the van unnoticed, and I was happy that it was still empty. Taking off all the prosthetics and clothes. I changed back into my old clothes and put everything away. I was just two minutes late, and still I had gone unnoticed. Maybe I just hurried for nothing, but then I couldn’t afford to take any chances then. Within the next five minutes, production commenced and we were back at work.

I smiled. For the first time, the paparazzi and all these Hollywood knucklehead stans had served a good purpose. Within two hours, we were done for the day and began to head back to the set. I had thirty minutes to get the real Toby out of my car and dump him somewhere before making a clean getaway. Any step missed here and some cracks would show. Left to other… external forces, those cracks would turn to holes, dots would be connected and my hard work would be undone in what? A matter of days? Never.

As soon as we touched down, I went back to the set with them and disappeared within five minutes once I saw that the coast was clear. Dressing Toby back in his own clothes, I wore my original apparel and then placed Toby on my shoulder and dragged him into the set, where the production manager was standing and looking at me.

“What’s going on?”

“I was waiting outside the set when I saw this guy stagger outside and fall. He looks like he’s out of steam if you ask me, maybe a heat stroke or something?”

Her features softened as she opened up his shirt and began to fan him with a book she was holding. I poured cold water on a piece of cloth and dropped it on his head, and right on time, he began to stir.

“Well, I’ll admit it was hot during filming today, it’s summer after all. I guess he does needs some rest.”

It was my cue to leave. Whipping out a tape recorder from my pocket, I began to ask. “Oh, speaking about filming, I’m Andrew-“

She frowned. “Of course, a journalist; or blogger? Which is it this time? I was wondering why you were here, but you guys always seem to get all the latest gossip, right? Come back tomorrow, we can’t take interviews today, as you can see.” She said, gesturing towards Toby who was struggling to stand.

I nodded. “I’ll be here tomorrow. 8 AM?”

“Make it 12 PM,” she said, waving me off.

I would make sure to announce to the rest of the blogs that they would be taking interviews by 12 PM, since it would be odd if no one showed up. As for me? I had gotten what I came for.



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Written by   210
1 month ago
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Fallo la seguridad.... Aunque hay que admitir que el tipo es bastante astuto.

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