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2 months ago

[WP] You have the power to make fake things real. Toy guns are dangerous weapons in your hands, and stuffed animals become talkative best friends. Today you visit the statue of liberty for the first time.

Liberty Island, New York.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, this island probably saw an influx of hundreds to thousands to millions 9f tourists each year. For the fact that it was iconic? For the history and conspiracy theories behind its existence? For the pictures for social.medoa to boast with and make friends jealous? All the reasons why this huge mass of oxidized metal was fascinating to people were not in any wayy concern. My interests here werrr to wreak havoc, so all the backstory and chat on the Staten Island ferry did not interest me.

I didn't notice any shadows on the Ferry. I didn't lit it last the CIA to have a unit of agents on my trail, especially now that I had established myself as a hostile threat to their agency. I wasn't free to properly scan and scrutinize the people on the ferry, and then there was the fact that how, I would probably be wanted dead or alive. The little scene back at my old apartment had made the news, and worse still, it was again similar to the other incident where the active tanks that had fired bombs had now turned back to toys, prompting another round of conspiracy theories which was probably aggravated by the fact that CIA agents were involved.

By now, the other occupants of the apartment were probably letting anyone and everyone who cared to ask - and even those that didn't, via social media - the few details they could put together about who I was and what I did, sprinkled with varying degrees of lies to suit their narratives.

Could I care less? Not at all. There was a toy whale in my pocket that could sink the ferry if I needed it too, and I had a toy jetpack pulled from the back of an action figure if I needed to make a clean getaway. I lacked a moral compass - and you could blame it on the fact that I never did meet my father - so I wasn't concerned about the other people on the ferry who would die if I took such a drastic move. Collateral damage was a thing, everyone knew this by now, and the military did it all the time.

What was really the big deal, that it was an individual thing and not team effort? I laughed at my own twisted sarcasm.

We reached the Island and were handed the handheld phone-like audio devices that gave descriptions based on what location we were at on the Island. I sighed. I should have been enjoying my first time on the Island, and making memories and taking pictures that would tell of a remarkable time in my life, but I did not see myself as a tourist.

I had a mission, damn it, so I couldn't see myself as one of the tourists. Especially sinc w there was a good chance that I would be responsible for some of their deaths later that day; there were potential deaths caused by direct or indirect accidents.

As I turned, I soon realized that there were actually CIA agents on my trail, anr I laughed. They didn't even stop to mourn, or at least dwell on the manpower they lost. Ahead with the plan as usual, which made you think about the worthlessness associated with the lives of field agents. Expendable, and fully replaceable at any time. That was why I could never work for them, I was never going to accept being part of a system that saw me as just another cog in the wheel.

I pondered on what to do with the men. They were probably looking for a chance to get rid of me silently, hoping I would traverse one of the loneliest paths. Or had they caught on to the scale of what I was trying to pull off? In that case, they would probably not be pulling any punches, which meant I could get shot and killed right there and then.

What was it going to be? In the case of the latter, the guy with the fastest draw would win. If I struck first, I wouldn't have to worry about getting killed. But then, did I need that scene? The pandemonium that would ensure? Then again, did I even care about that scene? With that I was planning to doz weren't even more lives in danger?

The more people my act today killed, the less it looked like a tragedy and more like a statistic. The whole drama that ensued would be the CIA's cup of tea, not mine.

I decided to go for a distraction. Nothing would precede, or even try and drag the moment with what I was planning to do. Arriving at the pedestal on which the statue stood, I took a deep breath and admired the architecture that made it what it is.

I didn't know if any other group of people appreciated this too, but then I began to see some of the appeal that attracted tourists each year.

And I was about to add to the history.

"Let's get started," I muttered under my breath

With a loud freak, Lady Liberty smiled and brought her lifted had holding a flaming torch down. That act sent a fireball into a family taking a picture, and I averted my eyes from the scene of an unexpected roast.

Then she jumped down from the pedestal and the island shook.

I smiled and turned to the three CIA agents behind me, whipping out a King Kong toy and showing it to them as they gasped in horror.




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Written by Β Β 224
2 months ago
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🀣🀣🀣 I didn't expect the last part. Now I am curious what's next😁

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2 months ago

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks

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2 months ago