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Part Four: Postcards from 2020

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Guess I'm on a promise and fail streak, but it's not my fault this time. We started our exams by 9 AM today and finished by 4 PM... And they were, well, short of pleasantly horrifying.

Nothing went as planned and im just thankful for being ablw to finish at all. I won't make any mor promises again, whenever you see the new chapter, you'll know it.

Eva Mendes post Instagram selfie of her make-up done by her daughters

As the global health situation continues, people are being forced to find solace in their homes with loved ones. It is not just for a specific class of people, as even celebrities and popular faces are observing the stay at home order. This order was issued by the governments of most countries of the world. As a result the show business scene has experienced a period of inaction, and as people are trying as much as possible to keep up with their favorite socialites, it is pleasing to know that like everyone, they are staying safe and at home.Four: Postcards from 2029

One of the latest of such updates came from Eva Mendes the long time partner of Ryan Gosling. The 46-year old posted an Instagram selfie of her final looks after her two young daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, did her make-up. This post was shared on Saturday, being May 16 along with Mendes' resigned comment "They've won" which hints there might have been a playful debate on whether the "make-up session" should have taken place. The post and her daughters' 'skill' drew praises from Salma Hayek and Debi Mazar as well as many other fans.

In detail, the overall look of her face looked like a preschooler's coloring book, which should not come as a surprise considering the ages of our miniature 'Da Vincis'. She could be seen wearing bright blue eyeshadow and purple lipstick that had been smudged. Her cheeks were splashed with orange, pink and green all over, and black scrawling adorned her nose and forehead, which was also occupied by yellow-green and bright blue scribbles. Salma Hayek cheekily commented "Love this" while Debi Mazar commented "They did a great job", finishing it off with a red heart emoji.

Most fans were amused and responded with cheeky comments on how good her daughters were at it. Some even commented that their color choices suggest they know a thing or two about how make-up should be done. And one topped it off with hinting at the possibility of hiring then for her wedding. This isn't the first time Mendes is posting such, as in early May she posted another selfie of her kids' masterpieces, with her adorned with bright purple, pink, orange and blue colors.

Eva Mendes however keeps her firm stance on keeping the lives of Ryan and her children private. A fan commented that she never posts her children or family activities on her page, to which she replied that she is protecting their image. She also says that until they are old enough to give their consent, she would like to keep her family matters private, especially those of her kids. A wise stance, some have agreed.

Indian Government denies issuing directive to Apple and Google to restrict download of Chinese applications in India.

The news that many Indians saw some apps from Chinese origin, such as the popular Beauty Plus, to be nuisances came as a surprise, but that was just the beginning. Recently, a document which seemed to be a government order was released which was addressed to the executives of the tech companies Apple and Google which own two of the most popular App stores to download apps from. It directed them to restrict the functioning of thirteen apps from Chinese developers on Android and iOS devices in India. This document cited the raising concerns of the sovereignty of the nation of India and the data privacy of its citizens as reason for this directive.

The apps which were to be affected are LiveME, Bigo Live, Vigo Video, Beauty Plus, Camscanner, Clash of Kings, Mobile Legends, Shein, Game of Sultan, Romwe, Applock, Vmate and Club Factory. However, confusion erupted when the Indian Government via the Twitter account of the Indian Press Information Bureau debunked the document as fake, citing that no such instruction had been given. The document, now confirmed to be fake, appears to be an office memorandum under the office header of the National Informatics Center of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. People responsible for producing and spreading this fake news are yet to be identified.

This incident has been met with quite little surprise as there is increased Anti-China sentiment in India, sentiment that has now spread to anything of Chinese origin. Indians seem to be holding any products from China in contempt, including boycotting the purchase of these products, be it hardware or software. In May, Google LLC took down an app from their Android App Store called the 'Remove China App' that, as its name goes, functions to remove any app of Chinese origin from the user's phone. Google stated that its app violated its policy against deceptive behavior of an application.

A video-sharing app, Mitron, was created as an alternative to the more popular Tiktok, also of Chinese origin in the mood of this 'Anti-China' sentiment. And in addition, China-based smartphone manufacturer Opp has decided to forestall any live device launches for the near future; this is obviously in consideration of the current climate. In other news, Google has also moved to remove about 30 apps from its Play Store which pose potential security threats to users' mobile devices. From the list, most of them seem to be camera and photo-Editing applications

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Written by   223
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Topics: Inspiring, Write, 2021, Tips, 2020, ...
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