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Murderous Motive

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2 months ago

[WP] “Well, Detective, you know I was the one who killed him and you know how I did it; but once I finish telling you why you’re going to shoot that cop outside just so I can walk free.”


We were in a standoff; I in the sitting room with one of the detectives, his gun labeled at my chest, while the other one kept watch outside. I just remained calm throughout the whole ordeal as statements were being taken and my rights were being read to me. The detective had a satisfied smile on his face as he looked me from head to toe, breaking down how he had come to the conclusion that I was responsible for the murder that had shook our community barely two days ago.

"You;re being placed under arrest for the murder of Daniel Roth which happened on Friday, the 8th of October, 2021, at 12:11 PM. You have the right to remain silent, or anything you say can and will be used against you in the-"

"Blah Blah Blah, court of Law, everyone knows the works by now. I thought it would sound different if I heard ut being said to me personally, but it isn;t any different. I find it bland and cliche, so let's skip to the part I find really interesting - how did you know it was me? I could have sworn I didn't leave any dead ends behind," I said, crossing my legs.

I could see the brief look of surprise that crossed his face. Whatever reaction he was expecting from me, that was not it. He must have expected me to be shocked and scared, not calm, admitting that I had indeed committed murdereven though he had just read out the Miranda warning or whatever it was called to me.

The Detective smiled, and then he started talking. I was a psychology major, so I could understand why he had smiled. He must gave thought that I was bluffing or trying to put up a bad, bold exterior.

"After we learned that the shooting happened outside a nightclub, the first place we thought to check was the footage from the security cameras on that street. The security cameras - not exactly state of the art - barely identified the brand of clothing the shooter wore , but we saw it was Faux. A local brand, mostly only sold in the small city of Norrington. There, we had to find the Honda Accord that was said to have left the scene which was the car we were interested in. Residents we asked told us that they saw that car around these apartments."

I nodded. I could see the whole thing clearly now; how it was possible that they nailed me within just four days.Indeed, modern technological advancements made it difficult to get away with committing crimes.

"So that was when you guys caught me burning the clothes in the park and obtained the warrant to search my house, huh? I could have done better than hidingn= that gun under the bed, hmm?"

The Detctuve was unnerved. "You seem very chill, considering the deep sh*t you're in. What's the secret behind your confidence?"

"The Detective outside, his name is Jones Monroe, isn't it?"

"Yes," he said, uncertainly.

“Well, Detective, you know I was the one who killed him and you know how I did it; but once I finish telling you why you’re going to shoot that cop outside just so I can walk free.”

He laughed. "Knock yourself out."

"September 25th, 2017. Oaksville Town, about 250 miles south of here, in faraway Oregon. I can see your facial expression, it does ring a bell, doesn't it?" I said, watching his face and gauging his thoughts. "It's where your trustworthy partner Monroe grw up in, isn;t it? Finished high school and about four years studying Criminology at the renowned community college there, right?"

He stood up, "How do you know this?"

I smiled. "Not all detectives work for kaw enforcement, Detective. In face, with the right drive and goals, anyone could become a detective. Same thing applies to my condition. Do you remember that scandal back then? Where that college dropout turned serial killer was arrested and sentenced to death by lethal injection for the rape and murder of seven women in a ten month period?"

He was becoming restless now. "What are you arriving at?"

"You remember that the unsolved mystery was where he kept some of their organs r-"

"Goddamnit, I know the full story. That was the case that put Monroe on the news. He solved it in record time and apprehended the bast-"

You'll be very cordial and respectful when you talk about my late bestfriend," I said coldy, while the Detective looked at me. "Earl Jackson was suicidal, depressed about failing out of college, and more importantly, innocent. He was an unstable man blamed and prssred into accepting responsibilities for a crime that was carried out by a syndicate of which Roth and Monroe were members."

"Don't freaking lie -"

I threw and envelope at him. "Whey do you think Monroe takes all those trips to Florida every three months? Do you think it's because he loves the ocean? Or do you not know that he never goes to the beach, but to the Harbor to supervise the shipments he;s sending out?"

As the Detective went through the contents of the envelope, he fell back to his chair as his eyes opened. Pictures of Monroe at the Harbor, confidential information involving details of the contents of Monore's shipments - human organs, all via black market transportation.

"He kills people, mostly women, and sells their organs after raping, torturing and mutilaiting them. He didn't stop after leaving Oaksville, no, he came here with Roth. And who do you think was his first victim? Right, your late wife, Lisa Ann!"

He then came across the picture I took of Monroe entering the house. The camera used could not be manipulated - it left a date and timestamp on it. The cold case which made him become a detective - it was committed by his own partner.

"And that is your cue. I have 10 minutes to escape, and you have 10 minutes to kill your partner for revenge, and so I can escape. The ball remains in your court."

I closed my eyes and smiled as I heard the doors open, a small shout of surprise, and then the opo of a silenced gun.



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Written by   224
2 months ago
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AHHHH that was so intense ;;w;; mans that was pretty brutal too-

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3 days ago

There's a smally typo: "Don;t freaking lie -" But I liked it (the article)! Thanks

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2 months ago

Oh thanks 🤲🏾 I think Grammarly missed that one. I'm glad you enjoyed the article!

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2 months ago

And there's another small one. It seem to be with the " ' " symbol: "You;re being placed under arrest".

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2 months ago