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IV: True or Faux

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1 month ago

[WP] One morning, you woke up with the ability to see true and false when written down. If it glows a golden color then it is true, but if it glows a dark color, then it is false. Out of curiosity, you go to the library and walk into the History section, and to your horror, all you see is darkness.


Meek and Mill stood outside the Library, clearly not in the best of moods. They had searched the place three times, earning themselves nasty looks and scolding from the librarian.

“This is one reason I’ve always hated librarians, the nagging old hags. Nothing would please me more than to put a bullet in her,” Meek muttered, lighting a cigarette.

“I thought you’d given up smoking,” Mill said, sparing him a glance before turning back to look at the Bentley in which they had come, entertaining a lot of thoughts and wondering where their target could have gone. The radar didn’t detect any Br signatures within the area, so how was it possible that he had suddenly disappeared from the area?

Meek spoke up. “The only way that signature could have disappeared is if he suddenly went unconscious, since even when asleep the waves are still produced. And that isn’t possible because if someone collapsed in broad daylight, there would have been some commotion around here. There was none. Or do you think he’s managed to get control over his emissions and stay under the rad-“

“Are you even listening to yourself? It took us five months before we were able to even reduce our emissions a bit, and two full years to finally get it to undetectable levels. There’s no way he could have done that in minutes. There’s only one other possibility at this [point, and it’s one that I do not like…”

“Huh? Are you saying that they-“

They were interrupted by Mill’s brick phone ringing. Silencing Meek with a finger, he answered it. “Agent Mill speaking?”

“I’m extremely disappointed in the both of you. He has been picked up by that agent from Justice…”

That agent? You cannot possibly be referring to –“

“Yes, she’s the one. Arsonist. Their car passed right by yours, a beat-up Toyota Camry 2009 model, I’m sure either of you saw it.”

Meek nodded, remembering the car.

“Assuming you didn’t spend all that time asking unnecessary questions at the rendezvous point, you could have gotten to him first.”

Mill swore under his breath. “She couldn’t have beat us by more than four minutes. If that was the case, we would probably have met each other there. I don’t mean to undermine our power and capabilities, but she is not afraid of causing a scene if need be. Worst case scenario, we’d have a fiasco on our hands, the likes of which the Foundation actively avoids.”

The man on the other side of the phone laughed for a few seconds before he spoke up. “Ah, Agent Mill. Quite the Logician, aren’t you? You always find a way to use rational arguments to wriggle out of the many fixes you tend to get yourself in. Well, you’re right. I did tell you that this mission was to be handled with discretion, so it would be a shame if we got caught in a public exhibition of all your abilities.”

Mill smiled. “I was sure you would understand me. So, now that this one managed to get away, what’s our next mission?”

“You seem to be mistaken, Agent Mill. We are not letting go of this man just like that, not with what’s on the line. The Foundation is quite interested in his abilities, and besides, this is a golden opportunity to take care of the Arsonist. I just called you to give you your new instructions, and new information pertaining to how you will capture the anomaly. As for the Arsonist, she is to be disposed of.”

“Does this mean-“

“Yes. The Foundation has somewhat permitted the use of force, lethal force even, in the capture of the anomaly. Keep it in mind that the keyword here is capture, so he is to be brought in alive and at most, knocked out. You are allowed to do everything in your power to bring him in. Killing the Arsonist is a secondary objective, and given the reputation you two have built working for the foundation, we believe that you can do it. You have 72 hours to complete this task. Good luck.”

The call ended.

Meek’s; phone began buzzing as coordinates, security footage and all manner of media and information were being sent to him. He looked up at Mill, whose expression was quite unreadable. A dark, unstable mix of anger, frustration, and elation. He knew that in such moments, there was a lot to gain in being silent.

“They sent the info?” Mill asked.


“72 Hours? Since when did the Foundation begin issuing ultimatums to us? And what is the consequence for not keeping to time? I think we’re beginning to lose face… and respect in that place, something that we’ll have to address later.”

“It becomes more annoying when you look at the so-called important anomaly’s ability. I wouldn’t even call it a Level 3 ability. And yet, two Level 5 Agents are being issued an ultimatum to find him,” Meek said, walking towards the car.

“Whatever the reason is, I don’t care.” Mill sighed. “I was in a bad mood, but now that I think about it, being able to use full force is wonderful. I’ll take out my anger on The Arsonist, then give our target a little punch or two. They did say we were to bring him in alive anyway, not unscathed.”

Meek laughed. “You’re psycho.”



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Written by   216
1 month ago
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