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Hand of Death

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3 months ago

[WP] At 18 you got your power; the ability to vaporize anyone you wish with just a touch. By 38 you’re the most feared villain the world has known. However, exactly 20 years to the day, your first victim rematerializes. Turns out you’ve just been sending people 20 years into the future all this time


Valik had no mercy for others. Whoever dared to get in his way would be vaporized. The news constantly filled with horrific sightings of the murderer and still no one had figured his identity out. Mainly because those who saw his face would vanish into thin air, leaving no trace of evidence behind. It was hard to set up a crime scene with no body. The man continued to live a normal life, keeping any suspicions off him as he stayed in his family’s home. His life was going well until a mold of flesh appeared before him, reforming into someone familiar.

“Mom?” Valik backed away from the woman, retreating for the first time in his life. “You’re dead.” The villain moved his left hand over to his right, pulling at the black leather glove that covered his hand. “This is some sick vision, isn’t it? Has someone else gotten powers? Your tricks won’t fool me, hero; I’ll kill you when you reveal yourself.”

None of this made any sense. He had watched her vanish all those years ago. How could she be alive? He kept his distance from her. His hand shaking, struggling to pull the material away from his fingers. She seemed dazed at first, her hand resting against her cheek, eyes slowly blinking until she landed on Valik. “Mom? Rhys, is that you, sweetie?” She gave Valik a warm smile, stepping closer to the man, only to stop when she saw him scamper back.

“No, I’m Valik. Rhys is dead. You’re dead. Dad’s dead. I killed everyone. I didn’t mean to, but everyone died. You shouldn’t be here.” Valik’s attempts at strength soon failed when his back hit the wall, sliding down to sit himself on the floor. “If you’re alive, then that means so is everyone else. All those people I wanted dead are still alive. What do I do now? They will all want revenge, and the fear of death won’t scare them off any longer.”

Valik felt his chest thump as his breathing got more strained. His fear taking over as he stared at the floor, trying to get himself together. Each breath hurt, as though his lungs were expanding to horrific degrees until a hand landed on his back, lightly rubbing along his spine in comforting circles. “It’s ok Rhys, you didn’t mean it. I’m alive.” When she heard his breathing stabilize, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a hug. “It’s ok, we will figure this out together. What happened?”

“I don’t know. It was just like I touched you and you vanished. You didn’t even scream. My hand just reached out, and you were gone. I tried to.. No, I’m Valik. Rhys is dead. I don’t want to remember Rhys.” Valik gave her a shove, tossing her onto her back as he stood up. “I don’t want to grieve for you anymore. You’re dead.”

His mother said nothing, only staring at the red, sunken eyes of her son. “You poor child. You haven’t been getting any sleep, have you?” She went to pull herself from the floor only to wince, feeling a slight pain in her wrist which caused her some grief as she struggled to her feet.

The sight of her pained expression caused the villain to look away, covering his face with his gloved hands. “I’m so sorry. You need to go. It’s not safe here.” The villain refused to look in her direction, only pointing at the front door.

“What about your father? Where is he?” She stepped closer, not touching him this time, only keeping an eye on her son, giving him some space.

“I vaporized him, too. He didn’t believe my story, thought I was making it up, so I touched him too. You were both gone. I was so lonely.” Valik turned to face her, a small smile on his lips. “I missed you.” He went to hug her, only to stop. Even with his gloves, he didn’t want to risk it.

“It’s ok dear, he will be back soon. We can be a family again. You don’t have to be scared anymore.” Her arms wrapped around him, holding Valik close to her. Her soothing words allowing the villain a moment of bliss until the reality of the situation dawned on him.

“I vaporized a lot of people. If those people come back too, you will be in danger. I have a lot of enemies.” Valik removed his right glove, dropping it to the floor. “When you come back, wait forty minutes and dad should return too. When that happens, go about your lives as normal. You will just be victims of my abilities. No one will hurt you.”

“What are you saying, Rhys? Why would anyone hurt me? Why would they hurt you? If we just explain the situation to them, I’m sure they will understand.” His mother looked up at him, seeing the villain sob, pressing his face against her shoulder.

“I love you, mom. I wish I could spend more time with you.” His right hand pressed against her back, and she vanished. Leaving Rhys standing alone in the living room, watching the empty space before him. His arms were still wrapped around the air before him. He stayed like this for a few minutes before he made his way to the couch, waiting for his dad.



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Written by   252
3 months ago
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