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Four: Postcards from 2020

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The Race to sign players as the Transfer Window is open.

Despite the global health crisis plaguing the world, English Premier League clubs are still in full gear as the race to sign players is on. That's right, the transfer window is open and clubs like Arsenal Football Club and Everton are working overtime to have a better squad as the Premier League is set to open anytime soon. One of the first players Arsenal has appeared keen to sign is the Juventus star Adrien Rabiot. Adrien plays in the Italian Serie A, and Arsenal had already started talks with his agent and mother, Veronique Rabiot in January 2020 when they wanted to sign him on loan. Rabiot is keen on leaving for the Premier League, and his agent and mother desire that too. Everton boss, Carlo Ancelotti admires the player, having coached him in the French Ligue 1.

In other news, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp was reportedly wowed by the performance of the Ghanaian international, Thomas Partey who plays for Atlético Madrid during the latter's win against Liverpool in March. A report explained that Klopp saw his gameplay as an 'ideal' mix of physicality and technique which is a combination many great players often have. It appears that Jurgen would love to see Partey on his team, and there's certainly room for him on the Liverpool squad. There are speculations that Partey is also wanted by Atlético rivals, Real Madrid, but would rather move to the Premier League, meaning Liverpool is ahead in the race to sign the player.

However, it seems Partey has decided to play at Arsenal, as he has been reported to snub deals from the French league giants, Paris Saint German. He seems to have decided to follow the steps of ex-Chelsea legend and Ghanaian international, Michael Essien to shine in the Premier League. Partey's Ghanaian teammate, Kasim Nuhu, who plays for German Bundesliga giants, Düsseldorf, has commended Partey for the choice to play in "the best league in the world" and backs the move.

Finally, Spanish league giants, Atlético Madrid are also in a haste to sign players. The club is linked with four transfers, including a swap deal involving Arsenal star, Oxlade-Chamberlain for Thomas Partey. They are even interested in signing Real Madrid forward, James Rodriguez, as the Columbian has not had much playing time with the club. There are speculations that they are interested in Manchester United's midfielder, Jesse Lingard, who did not have a fruitful 2019/2020 season at the club and is seeking a move . And lastly, they are quite very interested in signing Real Valladolid defender, Mohammed Salisu, a player who they feel will help their defence become stronger. Salisu is linked with a Manchester United transfer.

Although players were involved in personal training during the lockdown, as restrictions are easing, they have been allowed to return to training facilities to train, provided they observe proper social distancing rules

"Greenwood could be the next Robin Van Persie" Luke Shaw says.

The global health crisis brought an end to virtually all sporting activities in the world. Major football and basketball leagues as well as other football leagues were left uncompleted for several weeks, and fans were left watching old competitions. Nobody can deny that overall, it's been quite a boring experience for all sports enthusiasts during this period. But no condition is permanent, and as time has gone by, the situation seems to be getting better. In May, the German Bundesliga restarted, albeit strict social distancing rules, and the fans have been ecstatic about the development.

Furthermore, the transfer window was opened, and many teams have seized the opportunity to make proposals and sign their players of choice to improve their squad ahead of league reopening. The English Premier League giants, Manchester United is no exception to this, as they have expressed interests in players of their choice. But many of their players have faith in the perpetual gold mines they have in their team. And Luke Shaw, Manchester United left-back is certainly of that opinion, and the player he sees as a 'precious gem' in their team is none other than Mason Greenwood.

Mason Greenwood is the star 18-year old forward, who plays for Manchester United and the England national team. He was in good form during the 2019/2020 season, scoring goals and contributing immensely to Manchester United's good performance in the league just before it was placed on hold. His teammates also seem to hold him in high esteem for his performance. And Luke Shaw has also expressed this in a comment where he described Greenwood as having the potential to be the next Robin Van Persie. Can Persie was a former Manchester United striker and the all-time highest goal scorer for his home nation, Netherlands.

His stats are top-notch at the moment, scoring twelve goals and making four assists to teammates goals, despite coming off the bench for most of his match appearances. Notwithstanding that he is very young, he manages to play an experienced style of football and pull off feats of wonder, and it's very probable that he could be the next big star in the United squad. For Shaw, the most special feature of his gameplay is the fact that he is a two-footed striker. This means that he can take shots and score with both feet, and this can pose a threat for defenders on the other team.

Shaw himself has expressed happiness over the resumption of group training in the team. Due to the health crisis, most competitions were shut down, and even training sessions with other members of the team was prohibited. In order words, footballers were stuck at home and had to train at home, some times by themselves. The training sessions with teammates and experts is not only morre professional, but is more interesting and engaging for players. Shaw has obviously missed this experience a lot and is happy to get back in training with his teammates.

Obviously they will not be coming in the same numbers as they used to, and strict social distancing measures will be enforced. But players are happy progress is being made, and this is one step on the road to reopening the league completely.


Again, I've been so caught up with busy stuff and I'm way behind schedule o my posts, as well as other stuff. I have one practical examination and three oral examinations left, so wish me luck. I hope I tidy all these and my results come out with passes so I can enjoy this Christmas


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Written by   223
1 month ago
Topics: Shortstory, 2020, Series, Words, Mystery, ...
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