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Flight, then Fright + Personal Ramblings

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5 months ago
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[WP] Your plane from Orlando to London has just landed and as it taxies in it's surrounded by police and press. You disembark and a police constable tells you. "It's 2036, your plane went missing 15 years ago."


January 16, 2036

Of course, I got into the car. Minus the fact that I was curious and confused as hell, and felt that the best chance I'd get to find answers was through these stiff men in weird glasses that seemed to have a scanning feature judging, by the way, the screen on the back showed a line moving in a transverse direction.

I felt disgusted by the fact that I actually collapsed at the scene earlier. I was sure the men felt I was just another rich city boy; money being their only character, personality, strength, and weakness/ I sighed, shaking my head as I brought out my phone...

...and it got snatched by one of them.

"He-the f**king- llo! Can I have that back, preferably now?" I said, looking at him pensively

"Let me see... no. It is not in anyone's best interest if you're allowed to communicate with the outside world-" seeing that I was about to speak, he raised his hand to signal my silence, "-and I think it would be easier to do that if we hold on to this, just so you don't get tempted, you understand?"

"No!" I said angrily.

"Well, I think you have a comprehension problem then, Edgar. Either way, this is how things are going to happen, so whether you understand or not is more of your concern than mine. Do understand that we've been asked to use force in bringing you back to the rendezvous point if necessary, so you'll do well not to push us so far, wouldn't you?"

I faced my front, sighing as I considered my predicament. Back in my time - or at least in the time I came from, this couldn't happen to me. I remembered when my ex called me an arrogant, conceited narcissist and told me that I'd soon be in a situation where my money would not matter, and I'd be in the shoes of the average people who I always mocked.

I remember laughing it off as the ramblings of a mad pained woman, Rambkings that would never ever come to pass.

Life came at me at top speed, That was for sure.

"Look at this thing," the man who took my phone said, laughing at me. "Judging by the make, I;d say it's an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. Do you even know how old that is?"

All of them burst into laughter as the man in the front spoke. "That's an antique right there, man. Auction it and you'd be getting at least 70 Ethereum for that stuff. Man, you'd be set for life!"

My ears perked at this. What was a state of the art phone, and one of the best in my time was now an antique. The whole thing felt surreal.

The leader put the phone in his pocket and patted it. "Don't mind if I do. I think that money would set me up rather nicely. Quit this damn stitch I'm in, Change of house, damn maybe even relocate to an exotic island and spend the rest of my life drinking coconut water and cocktails and sampling the long line of girls at my-"

"What the hell are you saying? That's my phone you-" I said, reaching towards his pocket before stopping. I could feel the cold barrel sit at the end of my rib cage,aiming directly for my abdomen. "You'll want to seat back down where you are and be a good boy now!"

All of a sudden, I felt that these men weren't actual Secret Service Agents. Had I walked myself into a -

"What's the problem? Get out of the way!" The driver shouted, honking as he whined down the window. That was probably his wrist mistake. A canister flew in through that window, and released gas everywhere. Fast-acting anesthetic, i realized slowly as my eyes began to close.

The last thing I remembered was the window at the back breaking, the door being opened, and y limp body being dragged out of the car.



Anyway, like I said, this article also has some personal ramblings, because now that I've gone home after spending about 11 months at school, I've gotten sick. There seems to be the flu going around here in Nigeria, and well a kit if people have caught it.

Or maybe it is just malaria, I haven't been tested so I don't know. All I feel is fever, and I have a dry cough - it's the harmattan season here, cold, and dusty. But I'm fine, since I've started taking medication for malaria, Hopefully, all this will not affect my posting, even though this post is a bit late, Lots of rest, lots of relaxation, and finally getting a balanced diet, not just rice, beans, bread and instant noodles most of the time.

Hopefully I'll bounce back soon and get back to regular posting times. Thanks for your concern!

Oh, yeah and by the way, my exams went well, so I can enjoy this Christmas without a care, or fear, in the world. I'm happy that the burden has been lifted, so this is me wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance as I clock out!

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Written by   251
5 months ago
Topics: Series, Inspiring, Fantasy, Write, Time, ...
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