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End of Realist

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1 month ago
Topics: Movies, Shortstory, 2020, Series, Mystery, ...

[WP] You have the power to make fake things real. Toy guns are dangerous weapons in your hands, and stuffed animals become talkative best friends. Today you visit the statue of liberty for the first time.



That was the only word I could actually use to describe my situation. The wait was painful and agonizing as the government debated on whether or not they were going to heed to my demands and negotiate with a terrorist. I wondered what I had to do to accelerate their thinking process, and something came to me.

Flicking my wrist, I mad one of the other fighter jets send a missile into a block of shops on the road, making them erupt into flames amidst loud screams.

I could hear the man on the loudspeaker shout "Lord gave mercy!' and I managed a laugh, speaking into my own loudspeaker. "I'm not the type of person to be kept waiting, you fools. You have 60 seconds to give me an answer. I could just drop the bomb in another city; that way, neither of us would have to die. But you would all live with the consequences of your selfish indecisiveness. How do you think people would see this government then?"

Stephanie was shocked. "Your stance on hurting people seems to have changed. You wasted those ones without a second thought. What are you becoming?"

"Nothing that I haven't been already. That was just to make them think faster, since I don't have all day to play with them sadly. Besides, all those people that died don't matter - they're just numbers now, statistics, belonging to the rich elite that you claimed to not like, if I remember clearly."

"I'm not sure I said anything in particular about the rich," she sighed.

"Well I did," I said. "I've always hated them, and I couldn't care less about those people that died, as far as they belong to a hierarchy that's hell bent on obtaining all that there is in this life and then subjecting all the others to eat out of their palm."

I turned and screamed into my loudspeaker. "30 seconds!" As the Ebola Gay began to fly far off. "I think I'll use Houston Texas in this case. That is a very populated area, so a big bang there is sure to leave a mark. "

"We'll send it, we'll send it!"

"I didn't give you time to agree, I gave you time to send. You have 15 seconds to send before I leave you with a disaster that'll have an effect for generations."

As soon as I looked at my phone, I saw the incoming coins and waited for three block conformations before I was sure that it was real and there was no scam involved."

"Nice doing-"

The migraines caught up and I fell to my knees, the statue becoming lifeless once more. The Samurai shrunk back to their normal size and so did all the fighter jets.

I groaned. I was weakened, Stephanie was still there and I had to make a getaway while a whole battalion might have been on the ground, or even seeking a means of entry into this structure.

"What's wrong with you?" Stephanie said, dashing over to me and pushing my arm.

"My limit. I didn't think I'd waste so much time out here doing all of this with you guys, but that's the case. Now I'm out of it."

I watched her expression. I still had a little energy for one desperate getaway, so at least I had that front covered. However, if she did try to do something stupid, then I'd be forced to kill her at the risk of being rendered immobile for over ten minutes, enough time for the government to decide to burst into here and arrest or kill me on sight.

"How are we going to escape then?" She asked.

I laughed. "You know, if you just get down at this point, you can still be considered a hostage. Following me makes you an accomplice more or less, so you can just disembark now."

She laughed. "And continue spending while waiting for my funds to finsha and propel me into some other shady crap business? No thanks. I'll like to stick by you and see if I have a share in 10 BTC."

I smiled as I brought out the toy Pegasus from my pocket. My last ace in the hole trick, and one that was sure to carry me out of there safely and get me far off. There was no guarantee of our safety from there on, but whatever it took, I'd keep us both safe for as long as I could, until we safely left the country and were far away from the chaos I'd just caused.

Immediately the creature appeared, we hopped on its back and we were off in a flash. The Government agents, stunned, began to scurry in an attempt to bring us down, but we flew too low for any of them to try and shoot, with the risk of hitting innocent civilians.

In a flash, we were up, above the clouds, and soaring peacefully. When we'd gone far, I allowed us to get down before undoing the transformation. I was already out of steam by then, and I was happy I had managed my available energy so well so far.

"So, what, we walk off into the sunset now?" Stephaniw asked.

I laughed."That doesn't sound very badass."

"Right," she said, laughing.

We still walked off into the sunset anyway.



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Written by   224
1 month ago
Topics: Movies, Shortstory, 2020, Series, Mystery, ...
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The ending was cute- I'd love to see this as a short animation tho :""

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1 month ago