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Copywriting Journey: Smartphone and Tech

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Note: All articles were written in Mid-2020

Xiaomi suspends the rolling out of any UI upgrades for the Holidays

The mobile device manufacturers Xiaomi seems to have a lot on their plate, as users all over the world are geared for the release of the MIUI 12. MIUI is the Android-based operating system made specifically for Xiaomi devices, and it has a commendable user interface. With many high-end devices of great quality attributed to the Chinese brand, as well as many more expected to be launched soon, it's clear why the company is one of the big guns among Android device makers. Users were therefore disappointed when the news was that the company was ceasing the development of any new MIUI upgrades for its devices.

The development has been revealed to be a temporary one, as the company has cited the reason for the pause to be a holiday break. Everyone needs a vacation, even the employees at one of the top mobile device manufacturers. In China, where their headquarters are located, the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is slated for 25 June, so the company has taken the decision to suspend work from 26 June to 3 July. That is basically a one-week break, after which they are expected to continue work so as to roll out the MIUI 12 for their devices before the deadline runs out.

This new version includes some improvements focused on user privacy, as well as an improved dark mode for apps, a minimalist user interface, and new wallpapers. It also grants the app greater access in the permission section; even to the extent, that Android does not reach it.

In other news, Poco, the brand which became somewhat independent from Xiaomi under some conditions seems set to release a phone that is independent of Xiaomi or Redmi modeling or design. The first two Poco phones released after the 'independence', THE X2 Pro and F2 Pro, had characteristic Redmi looks. Apparently, they are now ready to break the barrier and create phones of their personal unique design and model, according to the head of the brand, Chandolu Manmohan.

Poco is a brand based in Indian markets, and they seek to produce flagship devices that can compete with popular brands like Samsung and OnePlus in the markets. Chandolu stated that a new smartphone will be released in India, next month perhaps, and the device will be exclusive to Indian markets. It is unclear whether subsequent models will all be unique designs or this is just a one-time arrangement. Insider information, as well as experts' comments, confirm that the phone is called the Poco M2 Pro, running on the Snapdragon 720G processor; now that's awesome.

Then, it appears that the specifications of the phone bring the Redmi Note Pro 9 to mind, or that is what speculation says. The known fact is that users in Indian markets are definitely itching to get their hands on the phone, and that could be happening soon. Poco has also been said to be working on new wireless headphones, Buds Pop. It appears this is the current trend as some other mobile device makers, including Xiaomi, are producing these wireless headphones.

Nokia 6.1 Plus sold for a discount price on Shopee Philippines as Nokia 1 and Nokia 9 PureView receive May Security Updates

HMD Global's Nokia brand is one of the few tested and trusted brands in the market. They are well known for manufacturing some of the best flagship and budget phones and seem to have something for everyone, no matter what you can afford. One reason why Nokia is chosen and preferred by individuals is the quality of their phones. HMD Global ensures durability, aesthetic design, excellent battery life, and optimum performance are not lacking in their products. And even with the global health situation crippling many businesses and companies, they continue to schedule the announcement and release of new products, security updates, and the like.

Nokia 6-point-1 Plus was released a little over a year ago in the Philippines, and as the Asian market is one where they thrive successfully, it has been profitable. Although the coveted eye-catching device is quite hard to come by in physical electronic device shops, it is readily bought on the online digital store Shopee Philippines. And there's even more great news: Shopee is giving is selling the device at a 50% discount for a limited time only.

This price slash is taking place at exactly 12:00 am (midnight) PST on the 30th of May, 2020 as a part of its upcoming flash sale. To benefit from the opportunity, the promo code 'GadgetZone8' should be used as the checkout action is about to be executed. With that, the phone can be purchased at PHP 7990 which is about half of its original price of PHP 15990. The phone is admired by many for its great camera quality as well as the memory of the variants and their use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 SoC chipset.

In other news, reports have cited that the Nokia 1 and Nokia 9 PureView have begun to receive the May Security Update. The new update offers a new Android 10 build V2.5A as well as the security patch for May on the Nokia 9 Pureview. Reports show that Nokia 1 has already just received the update. For the Nokia 9 PureView, the size of the update is 312 MB while it is 77-point-7 MB on the Nokia One phone. The update can be carried out by going to the Settings application and selecting 'System Update'.

Finally, in summary, Nokia has proved its relevance in the market by continuing to provide customers with excellent services. The move was met with a lot of excitement by users of the product.


Another one from my 2020 Copywriting Failure Archives.

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Written by   216
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