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Anarchy - A Sci-fi Saga (Part One)

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2 years ago


In the year 2523, there was a race between the USA and Russia to create the ultimate bioweapon, an advanced being created by science and infused with superhuman abilities and an advanced intelligence. That was the birth of the Adonis project. And that was the beginning of the end.

It's 2991. The Adonis project was a success. But it's creators wish it was a failure. Evolution demands that as advanced species are developed, the obsolete versions should become extinct. The new superhumans, Homo Adonis, have laid waste to 75% of the Homo sapiens population.

The fate of man is left in the hands of Anarchy, a small terrorist organisation led by a mysterious and antisocial man, Zed. Will they succeed, or is homo sapiens lost forever?


Okay guys this is the fiest plot I've come up with. let me know your thoughts and see if i can go on.

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