Overcoming public embarrassment

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Good day to you my friends, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to attend to everyone's post, I've been quite busy but I promise to do justice to that before the end of the day.

According to history, embarrassment do not just happen privately with a single person, it works hand in hand with the public space and that is why the dictionary regard embarrassment as the state of feeling foolish in front of others. Embarrassment leaves a feeling of guilt, fear, shame amongst others, it can sometimes lead into self pity, low self esteem and depression. Embarrassment somehow is inevitable, each and everyone of us has in one way or the other experience an embarrassing moment in our life. Embarrassment can come in form of a very major one that can send a person into instant depression while it can also come in form of a minor one which can be easily gotten over.

If in the case of a minor embarrassment, some measures like

  • Deep breathing: Holding of the breath while breathing in and out. For instance holding the breath for about 5 seconds while breathing in and doing the same while breathing out and repeating the process over and over until you feel better.

  • Humor: This is trying to change the subject of the matter into something funny. It does not necessarily have to look as if you are just trying to divert the people from the real situation but you just want to make them feel they shouldn't take the whole matter seriously.

  • Smiling: Trying to put on a smile can help calm the situation, just wear an healthy smile so it can look as though it's just a trivial issue.

can help overcome it but if it's in the case of a major embarrassment, the above points alone might not be able to help overcome it unless some other practices are put in place to help out. Practices like:

  • Positive affirmations: saying positive things to yourself can help cool down your nerves. Things like "embarrassment is meant to happen", "I'm not the first to feel embarrassed", "I can do this", "I'm not ashamed of this", "mistakes does not define me" etcetera. Positive affirmations helps to increase your self confidence. You can also think of what you would have told a friend if he/she was the one in that kind of situation and say those words to yourself.

  • Counting your achievements: This is one thing I do alot whenever I find myself in a messy situation, I try counting my achievements. I look back at everything I've achieved and I try making a list of them, this is therapeutic. What it does is that it helps you regain back your self confidence, you will now feel like you can do better than you did previously.

  • Confronting the root: look for the reason the embarrassment happened, if it's something that has to do with your incompetency, strife to do better, it's ok to admit that you messed up. Do not just run away from the shameful experience and starts avoiding everybody that was there when the embarrassment happened, face it, confront it, look for every opportunity to do that thing again ( make sure you can do it better this time around) let everyone see how good you can be in that thing.

  • Making use of the lessons learnt from the experience: I usually say this in every of my article, there can never be an experience without a lesson either good of bad experience. So make use of every lessons that you learn from the experience, it can be the way your friends took the whole situation, you can get to discover who your true friends are. Well this is me talking from experience.

  • Seeking help: some embarrassment can take a whole lifetime to recover from them, I can remember when I also did something wrong in the presence of thousands of people, I felt so embarrassed that it took me almost a year to recover from it. I dealt bitterly with shame, fear, guilty, depression, low self-esteem and self pity so if you feel everything I've listed above didn't work for you, you might want to consider seeking professional help like going for psychological therapy or see a counselor.

This is Oyinwrites, your favourite inspirational, motivational and real life story writer. Thanks for stopping by, I will see you in my next post.❤️

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