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4 ways to find yourself again

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6 months ago
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The modern technology-driven world has many advantages. You can quickly and effortlessly connect with people literally all over the world. Business has become more globalized, and learning has never been more affordable and easy. However, it also has its drawbacks. In particular, there is one problem that is becoming more serious every day - people who are losing themselves.

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Are you wondering what it actually means to "lose yourself"? Now, more than ever before, people are being influenced by external forces through modern advancements such as social media. And because of this, they fell into a culture of comparison, when everyone wants to be like someone else.

The problem is that in the process of comparison, people create lives that they don't enjoy; lives that are not in line with their core values. In the end, they rob themselves of true happiness and satisfaction. That is why, along with the number of millionaires, the level of depression rises. The good news is that you can find yourself again and reconnect with your true self.

If you've ever experienced these feelings of frustration and disconnection from the life you want to live, read on for four strategies to help you find yourself again:

1. Talk to those who know you best

There are very few resources in this life that are more significant than interpersonal relationships. A life well lived is filled with deep, meaningful relationships. One of the benefits of this relationship is the ability to have people in your life to turn to for help in things like finding yourself.

When you start going in the wrong direction, it becomes difficult to get back on the "right" track on your own. This is where these key relationships come in handy.

The first strategy to help you find yourself again is to interview the people closest to you who know you best. These people tend to know the "real" you. They can give you an idea of some of the qualities of your personality that may have been buried under all the junk accumulated over the years.

By asking those who know you best about your strengths, values, and goals in life, you can more quickly understand who you are, what you value, and why you were brought to this earth.

2. Disconnect from social media

Social media is a great tool with many great aspects, but it can also contribute to the complete eradication of your true self.

The comparison that comes from consistent use of social media is a breeding ground for insecurity or passion for wanting to be like someone or living a life that is not your own. From which the conclusion suggests itself: a great way to reconnect with yourself is to get out of social networks.

Think of it this way: if you were an alcoholic, you wouldn't hang out in bars hoping to get rid of your addiction. At least if you really hope to be successful.

It is estimated that the average adult spends 150+ minutes a day on social media. If you had the extra time to implement the other strategies on this list, imagine how much it would benefit you.

3. Immerse yourself in nature

If you are feeling lost, a great way to find yourself is to simply slow down, calm down, and dive inward to reconnect with your thoughts and feelings. The problem is that people in modern society are constantly busy with something, so it seems impossible to find time for solitude. For most people, long gone are the days when they had a quiet place where they could completely retire without being distracted ...

This is why the next great strategy for finding yourself is going into nature. If you are looking for peace and quiet to reconnect with your true self, there is no better place than nature. By going out into nature and disconnecting from distractions, you show that you are serious about creating the space you need to find yourself.

4. Attend a conference or personal growth seminar

If you have ever been to such events, you know that their main goal is to help people overcome some obstacle in life or reach a new level. There are two great things about an event like this:

  • the opportunity to explore your deeper desires;

  • the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people.

Personal growth workshops not only inspire you, but also give you the opportunity to work deeply on yourself and your life.

To be clear, seminars and conferences are not of the “quick fix” type and should not be relied on to solve all your problems. But they really represent a place where you can break away from your current reality and get a new perspective on life.

In addition, personal growth activities offer excellent networking opportunities. Relationships with the right people can be the catalyst for your new identity.

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Written by   421
6 months ago
Topics: Creativewriting
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Absolutely revolutionary changes are occuring in the world and Now Everything in the world is using and produce from technologies and Every Sector is convert in the Digitalized form

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6 months ago

Thanks God,I never lost myself in this huge world.I absolutelly agree with you with all your words.Social media are not good for our growth.I am only 2 hours per day on internet,but I go every day walking in nature.When I came home,I feel such full of energy,fresh,my mind is empty in nature.Great feeling.

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6 months ago