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15 ridiculous laws from other countries, the existence of which is hard to believe

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3 months ago
Topics: Travel, Travel rules

When preparing for a trip, you should better study the laws of the country you are going to travel to.

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You may want to learn these amazing and strange laws to avoid misunderstandings, fines, or worse while traveling!

Cultural disputes can arise at any time during the trip, but sometimes they can happen in a really unexpected way. From innocent hugs to lighting cigarettes outside, these are weird mistakes we make while traveling. Any traveler will do everything possible to avoid them.

1. Inhalers of some companies are banned in Japan

In Japan, drugs used against allergies and colds containing the ingredient pseudoephedrine are banned. For example, some companies' inhalers, which are available in other countries, are banned in Japan. Medicines containing codeine are also banned and should not be imported into the country.

2. Do not eat on church steps in Italy

Be careful with the place where you consume lunch or a refreshing drink in Italy. In Florence, it is considered an insult to eat or drink while sitting on the church steps or in the churchyard. The same law applies to food near public buildings. Eat anywhere else and you will avoid a fine.

3. Don't expose your top in Fiji

Fiji is a beautiful tropical paradise where sunbathing and swimming are part of everyday life, but be careful not to get caught with a bare top or bottom. Public nudity and topless bathing are illegal here. Stay dressed and avoid prison.

4. Feed the pigeons and you will break the law in San Francisco

It is not right to feed pigeons on the streets of San Francisco. The city, famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, accuses ubiquitous birds of spreading disease and damaging property. If you are caught feeding pigeons in San Francisco, you can get a serious fine. Citizens are even asked to report the feeding of pigeons to the police.

5. Leave your Bible at home in the Maldives

In the Maldives (where you can find an amazing beach), adherence to any religion on humans other than Islam is prohibited, and importing Bibles into the country is an offense. To avoid upsetting the locals or breaking the law, do not take the Bible with you on the trip.

6. Make sure you take photos in Kazakhstan

Want to take the last picture of your family at the airport before boarding the plane? In Kazakhstan, it is against the law. Photographing at and around airports is illegal, and photographs of military and service buildings are also prohibited.

7. Don't smoke marijuana in Jamaica

Tourists may be surprised to learn that marijuana is banned in Jamaica. Since 1913, Jamaican law has declared that the cultivation, use or possession of marijuana is illegal. People caught with even a small number of plants can be subjected to prolonged imprisonment.

8. Take the indicator tube to France

In France, drivers are legally required to have a portable breathing tube in their vehicle. If you are caught without this gadget in your car, you will be fined 11 euros. Tourists behind the wheel, this law applies to you.

9. Do not show feelings to people in the United Arab Emirates

When traveling in the United Arab Emirates, you should avoid public displays of love - kisses, hugs, holding hands. The tourists were arrested and thrown into prison for kissing in public. Leave such love moments for private occasions behind closed doors.

10. Keep your pants on in Greece

Greeks and obscene behavior do not combine. If you are a person who laughs at other people, then you may want to hold your pants and tighten your belt. Taking off your pants is a paid crime in Greece, which will result in a large fine or imprisonment.

11. Swimsuits are only for the beach in Barcelona

Do not walk from the beach in Barcelona wearing a bikini or swimming suit. In this Spanish city, it is against the law to wear clothes for swimming on city streets. If you plan to leave the beach, or take a walk, wrap yourself in something, get dressed, or change into a bathing suit. If you do not do this, you will suffer significant financial losses, because you will be fined.

12. Carefully chew gum in Singapore

Strict smoking laws are more stringent here than in North America. Smoking in public restaurants, on the street, in the park is prohibited, otherwise you will earn a fine in this Asian country. Proponents of chewing gum are also not exempt from strict rules. It is forbidden to chew or inflate a chewing gum while driving on Singapore's public express transport, and like smoking, this crime is punishable by a fine.

13. Don't waste your piggy bank shopping in Canada

If you shop in Canada, don't expect cashiers to accept a pile of coins as the only payment method. Under the Canadian Currency Act, stores can legally refuse excessive coins. With coins, for example, customer payments may be declined if they try to use more than 25 cent coins at a time.

14. Follow the recommendations for names for children in Denmark

Expectant parents can be creative in naming their child, but it is quite difficult. The fact is that there is a law on personal names. In Denmark, the final choice of parents must be taken from a pre-approved list of 7,000 names. If they want to find something more unique, they have to get government approval.

15. Don't do that

Apparently, the inhabitants of Phnom Penh (the capital of Cambodia) can go crazy with their water pistols. In 2001, Governor Chea Sofara banned the sale and import of all water pistols to reduce the number of cases of criminals using toys for their own purposes. He worried that their use could cause social unrest and disrupt security during the Khmer New Year.

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Written by   422
3 months ago
Topics: Travel, Travel rules
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