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Watch Dogs 2 - for free!

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2 months ago


This time Epic Sore bring us a awesome game for absolutely free: Watch Dogs 2!

Watch Dogs 2 is an action adventure game produced by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

It is a sequel of Watch Dogs. Action take a place in San Francisco, where You will play as Marcus Holloway - a hacker who with group of friends fight with ctOS (central Operating System).

Game have a great reviews:

You Can also check a official trailer:

Sale ends 9/24/2020 at 5:00 PM - so get your copy here:

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Yea ...I fall in love with epic launcher it gives many high quality games free...I first introduced with epic launcher when I hear that gta V was free...Its a great launcher.....I hope one day I will get fifa20 for free😁😁😁😁

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2 months ago

Love this game,, so much futuristic scenes they have..

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2 months ago