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Travelling in Corona time - Cyprus part 01

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7 months ago

At the begging on September me and my lovely wife have an anniversary. As we are a travel lover - every year we making an anniversary trip to some interesting place. This year for Coronavirus reason we are wondering if it will be possible and what is also very important - safe.

BTW our anniversaries are so strong related with travelling so my wife as a gift for that occasion bought me a really awesome Herschel Little America travel backpack :)

So that was another sign that for sure even in Corona time we must in line with our tradition make a trip to some awesome place.

What country choose?

We decide that not to spend too much money on that - so our trip destination must be not so far enough from our city. Also that place should be hot with beautiful beaches, sea and some historical points to sightseeing. We live in Poland (in a Central Europe), so for all reasons above, we have a 4 places in our minds:

  • Portugal (flight)

  • Spain (flight)

  • South France (flight)

  • Croatia (car - approximately 12 hours of drive)

My favourite on that list was Portugal, for my wife it was Croatia.

But there is second even more important factor that we was considered - Corona Virus safety.

We check how things looks in that countries, and it was really bad. To be honest direct flights from Portugal, and if I remember correctly Spain and France at that moment was banned. That means that there was no option to found a flight from Poland to that countries - also of course there was a lot of coronavirus cases on each of them. Flights to Croatia wasn't a issue, cause we plan to drive by car, but also on that time the new corona infections was on an all time high. For those reasons we must delete our positions from our list.

What we should do with that?

We decided to change our strategy - we search - which country have just a few Corona infections and treat whole pandemic situation seriously.

After some research we found a CYPRUS.

Republic of Cyprus is an island country - third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean sea.

What about Coronavirus on that island?

From the beginning of pandemic until today (29.10.2020) they got only 1671 cases! A whole bunch of countries got so much new sick every single day! There were days when they had no new cases there at all! So yes seems that is one of the safest country in a whole Europe.

And what about weather?

Forecast said that at the beginning of September temperature will be about 38°
on the Celsius scale and without any rain or even a cloud 👌🏻

For that moment Cyprus seems for us like a perfect destination :)

We decided to get knowledge about that island before we make any reservation at all.

I think that article is a long enough for today, but I just want to shortly highlight what will be in a next episodes of that series:

  • how Coronavirus tests looks like - cause we need to get those

  • how flight procedure in Corona era looks like

  • photos and reviews of the best beaches on Cyprus

  • a lot of places strong related with ancient history and with Greek mythology

  • answer to question: why Cyprus is a most british country in Europe after UK itself?

  • Where to eat something really tasty?

And much, much more. Hope You will like it - see you soon :)

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Written by   186
7 months ago
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It feels a bit odd you go to a "save" place to spread the virus. I wonder why exactly you felt the need to travel during a second wave. How is the situation in your country?

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7 months ago