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Pikuniku - For Free on Epic!

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6 months ago

We got a new month, so Epic got for us another free game. This time it is a relatively smaller but also very interesting game: Pikuniku.

Pikuniku is a mix of puzzle and adventure game. It was developed by a Sectordub (French-British indie developers collective) and released at January 2019. It is available on Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One platforms.

In Pikuniku player control red creature called Piku (that one in the middle lead image) through levels and solve different puzzles to progress.

Piku have a wide range of different moves and abilities to interact with game world environment: kicking and pushing objects, curl into a ball to move faster, also he can lasso his legs to swing from hooks. Player will need to use that all to beat those puzzles.

Story start when Piku wake up from his slumber in a cave. When he visit nearby village first villagers are terrified of Piku. But when he fix a town bridge, the locals asked him to help deal with a Mr. Sunshine - a pink creature looks very similar to Piku. Mr. Sunshine want to harvest the entirety of the world's natural resources for his own wealth. And of course that will be a player role to beat that bad guy :)

Pikuniku also have a feature of a local co-op mode, where second player controls Niku - a orange creature similar to Piku.

Graphic in a game is a very simple and minimalistic but very happy and colourful. But fun is worth more than even the best graphic :)

What about reviews?

Well the metascore on Metacritic for PC version is a 74/100. So it is a quite good. The weak point of game according to most reviewers is that game is too short - but if you will grab it for free that is nit a problem anymore :)

The game was also nominated for "Best International Indie Game" at the Pégases Awards 2020.

Also You can check a official trailer:

What about specification? It is not high - cause of simple graphic.


  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10 x86/x64

  • Intel Core2 Duo E4500 (2 * 2200) or equivalent processor

  • 2 GB RAM memory

  • 300 MB available space storage

  • Version 10 of Direct X

  • GeForce 9600 GT (512 MB) / Intel HD Graphics 2500

Pikumiku will be available on Epis Store since today (01.10.2020) and will be available here:

For sure I recommend You to check Pikumiku and help Piku with his adventure!

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Written by   186
6 months ago
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it reminds me of super maria

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6 months ago