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When I was younger I thought I would be a little older. Do you think so too?

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1 year ago
Topics: Memory,Thought

Not once, but several times. And today I will share everything. Through this question, my childhood is full of varied childhood memories. So let's find out when this thought came to my mind :)

Fact 1:

Teaching on the brother

I was much younger then. I lived in a rented house. And there was a brother in college next to us with his mother. I still call this brother's mother Jemma. Very good relationship with them. When Gemma entered the kitchen around noon, it was Jemma's responsibility to handle me. I would sit next to Gemma and listen to stories, and my mother would work. So I went to Jemma's house that day as usual. However, it seems that it was a day off. When I entered the house, I saw that brother was thinking about what he was doing with his notebook and pen in his reading table, and Jemma was sitting on the bed and sewing in his mind. Jemma may not have noticed I came. Anyway, I am curious to know what Bhaiya is thinking so much while writing. Apparently, did not memorize well. So I have to think so much while writing. When I went to write and thought so much, my mother did not read it properly. Then why isn't the brother's mother telling the brother? Unable to suppress my curiosity, I went to the table and saw that he had just written a in the notebook. Then I did not know whether Saraswati! I said directly-

You don't know that a is followed by b? You don't know that you have grown so much? I know it too. And you don't know?

I didn't know if the other two of the three animals in the house were staring at my face in amazement, but I didn't know how to do it. He heard and said -

A little girl is barely learning to read. Now gone to give advice to such a big brother.

What's more, the whole house laughed at me. And I think-

What? He told me that I was small. Please don't make me big, please.

Fact 2:

Sour fruit

Mother: (Looking at the test question paper) What is the talk result? Did you write the answer?

Me: (with lozenge in his mouth)

Mother: Ah. How are you talking again? Uchche is bitter. Why talk?

Dad - ha ha ha. When will that girl grow up? Sour fruit is never uprooted! When will you understand that?

Let me tell you, this conversation is going on while sitting in my father's shop. He got angry when he heard his father's smile in the conversation. But I know that sour fruit is growing. Then why is mom and dad laughing when they hear me? Oh God, don't make me a little bigger, then I will understand why the sour fruit is not growing. And make mom and dad smaller. Parents will write the results of the test. And I will laugh then. 😂

Fact 3:

Vote News

I went to the girls school with my parents while I was in class one to vote. Aren't you surprised to hear that? How can a little girl vote? To quell your curiosity, I said, yes, you are right, I went to vote (for the purpose of giving meaning). But, voting did not happen anymore. Didn't understand, right?

But listen, father and mother will go to vote. Hearing this, I took the deposit - I will also go to vote. My parents took me with them due to extreme stubbornness and compulsion. Dad has already stood in the voting line. Mom takes me around the school. Then when the father came to vote, the mother went to the line. Until then, my father is taking me around. But when will I vote? Why don't I have to stand in line? When will I go to that room? A bunch of questions are swirling in my head. Finally the mother came back and poured water on all hopes and said -

The kids are there but no one is entering. Look, there are police uncles. But there is also a stick with them. But if you go there, you will talk a lot. Do you want to gossip?

Not necessarily Madhusudan. I had to go home without voting for fear of being scolded by the police. I came home and prayed a lot to God - oh God don't make me big, please, please, please. I will vote too.

I feel that the fruit of my prayer is going to bear fruit this year.

Fact 4:

As a child, I always had to sit on my lap in a rickshaw or in a crowded car. Then it seemed - Is! If only I was a little bigger. Then no matter how crowded it was, I would get a seat to sit like others without sitting on my lap.

That's all I remembered. But let me say one more thing in this context, I still don't have the right to know where to say anything, the social knowledge. If anyone tells me anything, -

Not in secret.

I also want to go back to my childhood now. So I tell God now - and God give me back to my childhood. But

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Written by   87
1 year ago
Topics: Memory,Thought
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