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What are some worrying facts about our dreams?

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We all dream. Let's see what people do or see in their dreams

1. Gaining sexual experience in dreams

Most people experience sex in dreams at some point in their lives. It is very common for the genitals to become stiff or white during sleep. According to various studies, men can feel up to 20 times in one dream.

2. Elias Howe saw himself stabbed in a dream and from this he got the idea of ​​inventing a lockstitch sewing machine.

3. James Cameron dreamed of his famous movie Terminator.

4. Albert Einstein dreamed that some cows would be electrocuted and from this he got the idea of ​​his famous theory of relativity.

5. (A) Scientist Kekule saw a snake in a dream and from this he got the idea of ​​benzene (a colorless liquid derived from tar).

6 . Some of the predictions seen in the dream which were later reflected:

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, dreamed about his assassination.

Many of the victims of 9/11 were warned of the potential horrors of the dream.

Mark Twain dreamed about his brother's death.

The dreams of the 19 passengers of the Titanic ship contained clear information about a possible accident.

7. Problems with rapid eye movement during sleep

Our body becomes paralyzed due to rapid movement of eyes during sleep. In some cases, while dreaming, people engage in various activities such as breaking their arms and legs, destroying furniture and even setting fire to the house.

8. The Dream-Catcher is a well-known Native American symbol. The widespread use of dream-catchers across the United States to prevent sleep nightmares can be noticed.

9. Our pets also dream

If you observe dogs or cats sleeping in the house, you will see that they are trying to catch a prey by moving their legs or paws, in fact they are dreaming.

10. Even the blind dream

Birth blind people do not dream while they are asleep but the rest of the blind people have normal dreams just like us.

11. Not everyone's dreams are colorful. 12 percent of people see only black and white background in their dreams.

12. Eighty percent of the characters in men's dreams are male, but in women's dreams, the position of men and women is equal. Men’s dreams are kind of more aggressive than women’s. Both men and women dream about sex at almost the same rate.

13. In dreams we see only those characters whom we know in reality.

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Written by   87
1 year ago
Topics: Dreams
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