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Ways to control your mind?

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1 year ago

Ways to control your mind!

Even though you are in a beautiful relationship, your mind is running towards another girl You know that this is going to cause big problems in your life but you still can't stop your mind

You know that cigarettes and alcohol are bad for your body but you can't quit

You know you should study for 2 hours every day but your mind doesn't do anything

So whatever the problem in life, you will see that your mind is at the root of everything The mind never listens to us The things that he likes to do are the things that end up in his life and the things that he finds difficult to do are the things that keep him from doing things that are good or bad.

All you have to do in this field is keep your brain under control How to do that?

One thing to note is that our brains are just like children. He's the only way to tie it now Is this fun now? Have fun or catch the other one If you want to control your mind like your child, then you have to take the help of your own intellect

Now if such a child insists on something that is not right for him, then how do adults handle him?

1- Not gold now, you will get it later or you try to explain it well with many good words.

2 ঃ- Trying to silence that thing by showing something terrible or frightening about it ৷ Because there are so many kids who don't listen to anyone but if they are scared they don't do it anymore

So these are two ways we can try and see First you have to try to understand your mind with intellect and if not then you have to choose the second option which is to frighten the mind with intellect. We need strong words to scare our minds: -

For example, if you want to think about another girl, you have to do something like this with your own intellect

Whatever you do, ruin your whole life for the happiness of some time

Then I sat all my life regretting why I did that

Now such a strong word can come from inside you only when your ability to understand for that situation is very deep I mean, you know, this thing isn't exactly right for me. If you have such doubts, then your mind will have confidence in you, then the strong words to do these wrong deeds will not come from your intellect but from your mind in support of that wrong deed.

As is the case with people who are addicted to cigarettes, their intellect will not get cancer, because not everyone who smokes gets cancer, so there is a suspicion somewhere in their mind that maybe nothing will happen to me. And from that the mind gets more emphasis and the mind keeps saying those strong words in the interest of that wrong deed "Damn it, what else will happen, I don't eat much anymore, many people eat"

So the more people eat, the more they die So when will such a thing come from within them?

When their power to understand this situation will be deep ৷

Now if you want to handle a mind like a child, you need someone big and that is intelligence Now to strengthen your intellect, first you have to collect the right knowledge, the right information, and the right facts. Then the mind must be understood with the intellect

Even then, if the mind does not understand, then the mind should be frightened by saying Strong Word with the intellect When the mind really sees a panic and stops being stubborn then you can control your mind. Then you can explain to him the right thing to do, which is not fun at all, and funny, but if it is wrong, it will be wrong.

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Written by   87
1 year ago
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