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My arrogant_wife

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2 months ago
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My arrogant_wife


(Request to read the whole thing for a while, hope you like it a lot)


I was chatting with my friends at 10:25 pm. Suddenly the phone's message ton rang,

I saw the message.

"" "If you don't come home in 15 minutes,

I'll cut my hand again today ""! ...

The madman had been calling since 9:00. Once received,

I said I will come after a while then I did not receive any more. So he did the message in anger.

He does what he says,

Very angry, he has cut his hand on me many times before.

So without a moment's delay, I ran home.


As soon as I knocked on the door, the madman came out with a candle in her hand! ... (There was electricity then "No)

--- What have you been doing outside for so long, since when have I been calling you ....?

- Where was the ball really?

- I was with my friends there. I met them a few days later so I had a little chat.

- You're bigger than me ...?

You don't know that being alone at home scares me.

He started crying .. (I can't stand his crying at all)

Me: Well honey, I'll never be out again at night. "" "" No, forgive me this time.

- You've said it many times before, but I don't remember it later. You'll talk to me. "

Me: I know he is very angry with me. I am angry not to talk to me

Can wife stay ...?

- Yes, I can, I'm telling you not to talk to me, (I was very fond of my wife while talking, tears were falling from her eyes, the girl is very arrogant)

Me: Well, I can't show you how long I can stay,

- Have you eaten ...?

- Dogs, monkeys, squirrels (my hair is a little straight, so the lunatic calls me a squirrel, the lunatic never ate without me, so all this

Was saying)

Me: I know, my soul can't eat without me, let's eat ....

- What you swallow alone, I will not eat, (said and went to bed)

I went home with some rice on the plate and started explaining to him that nothing was working.

One time ....

Me: You know, I'm not very hungry.

- I'm hungry, why are you telling me ...?

Me: Please give me some food.

- I can't, which is from here. (The madman is very angry today)


I put the plate on the table and lay down. I just fell asleep with my eyes and then I saw the crazy "rice plate."

Calling me with his hand.

- Get up, Nee Gil, I can't eat without you ...

Me: Tell me how to eat without you?

- He said with a smirk on his face, tell me how to eat without you.

Dog, if you leave me alone at home one day, I will kill you.

- All right, Dee is hungry,

He was picking me up and feeding me, (actually eating with my wife's hands is different)

I fed the madman too, then we both went to bed ...


After a while ..........

- You hear this, don't get up a little ........ You can't hear Kiri, a voice full of tears came to my ears, this dog, this monkey, get up ......

Me: Kiri, what happened, why are you calling?

Do not sleep or not?

- Hug me a little, I'm not too scared! .... (It's raining and thundering outside)

It sounds like the sound of lightning is so frightening.)


I hugged the madwoman tightly to her chest. She hid in my chest like a small child (actually all her things are like small children).

Lips swelled like children,




- Since when am I calling you, why didn't you wake up for so long ....?

Me: I fell asleep, honey.

- You don't love me to sleep, you don't remember me at all.

I'm going to die, you see, that's exactly what Kadbi thinks of me that day! ...

Me: No, honey, don't say that, I can be good for a moment without you.

If anything happens to you, I will suffer the pain of death every day. '' '' '"" ".

Fell, on the cheek of the madman)

- Raise your head a little, why are you crying?

Me: I can't live without you, please leave me and go somewhere ....

- No honey, I'm not going anywhere without you. I'm angry with you, okay, but I.

I love you so much, I love you so much.

Me: I know, my own people love me a lot, so get some sleep now .....

- Yes, I'm sleeping, I'll hug you all night, but don't give up, or I'll cry a lot in the morning.

Me: Well honey, I will never separate you from my chest. It's been many nights now

Get some sleep!

- Well, ummah ... (The madman fell asleep with a kiss on my cheek)

I was watching him with my arms around him.

Seeing our love, it seems that the rains were also very jealous today.

Suddenly the eyelids became heavy,

With a kiss on the forehead of the madwoman, I fell asleep hugging her! ................


The days of naughty sweet love were going well with the madman .......

After a while the madwoman will be the mother, and I will be the father !! ....

Nowadays I have started to take care of him a little extra. It is a job to see and hear him

I also left the girl.


One day while I was out, the maid called and said,

Brother Bhabi's condition is very bad ........

Hearing that, I chuckled in my chest.

I don't know how I got home that day.

When I came, I saw the madman lying in bed, groaning in pain. I ran and grabbed my chest in an instant.

Embraced ............................!


I know the delivery pain has started today ,,,

I'm hugging him.

The madman was fidgeting and crying.

I can't stand the pain of my knowledge at all.

Tuku, who felt a little bad for him, was more terrible to me than death.

I never think that my soul is in my own body.

After marrying him, I didn't let him understand the lack of anything, the trouble.

I didn't keep any wish unfulfilled ... He was very arrogant, he was a little arrogant and he cried.

I would try my best to stop her crying.

But today I don't know any way to stop her crying! (I couldn't hold back the tears)


I was taken to the hospital without delay! .....

As time went on, the amount of pain of the madman increased, I was screaming and crying


My chest was bursting with her tears.

He didn't say a word to me today, because he was in excruciating pain.

In fact, I realized how much pain and sacrifice a girl has to accept to be a mother.


The doctor is taking her to the delivery room, and so am I.

But the doctor did not let me into the room. I requested the doctor many times, the doctor is very scared. I need to be with him, please take me with you.

The doctor did not hear a word. At this point, my eyes were closed and my eyes were throbbing with pain.

Leaving me outside, they took my knowledge inside.

As I was leaving, my target met my golden eyes once

Look ............... "I can't explain what Maya said in her eyes.


Waiting outside, calling on God and crying! ...

Half an hour later the doctor came out.

Came and said;

- You come to my chamber a little ....

Doctor: Your wife's condition is not very good, sadly we are telling any one

I can save, either mother or child. Now you

Tell me who do you want .......?

I can't think what to say. Because I can't live without the madman, again ................

Holding the doctor's hand, I said, "Doctor, I want both of you."

The doctor will give you as much money as it takes, I need my house, land, even my two

By selling the kidneys everything

I'll pay you, please doctor ...

- Well you don't break, we see, call on Allah ....

The doctor entered the delivery room again.

Outside, I was reciting all the prayers I knew, and calling on God.

After about 1 hour the doctor came out

Come on,

I got up and asked the doctor, "Doctor, how is my condition now, how is my child ...?"

Can I meet my acquaintance now !, Can I see my child at a glance .....?

The doctor is silent ......... with two drops of pain in his eyes,

- Your wife has a daughter, but ...........

- But what doctor ...?

- We are very sorry, we could not save the mother and daughter ............

After hearing the word from the doctor, I thought I knew why! .....

The sky has no place of its own, the ground has moved from under my feet.

It was getting dark all around, the breathing stopped.

I tried to breathe for the last time. But I couldn't, it looks like I'm dying.

Going! .......

I lost consciousness ......


When I regained consciousness, I found my parents by my side; everyone

I was crying then .......

And in a dark room, my innocent daughter and I have to keep my knowledge.

I went to my acquaintance and saw him covered with a white sheet, next to him

My innocent child.

I removed the sheet, I know she is sleeping with her daughter.

My daughter is very beautiful to look at, like a mother at once.

I called softly, you know ...

Know i'm here

Kiri, did you forget me when you got the girl ....?

Don't get up, don't get up honey, talk to me !,

Look, I'll just cry and get up.

Well, I didn't get up, from now on I will return home after many nights. Then I will understand how it feels ...

My mother cried when she saw me. Father's wife and mother have all left us,

He will never get up again.

Me: How is this, mother ... can I live without knowing?

The madman promised not to leave me and go nowhere.

Look, he'll get up now, he'll get up and tell me ..

Dog, monkey, hedgehog, where have you been for so long, you don't know, I'm alone in the dark, I'm scared ....


I called again, but mine

I don't know, he didn't see me once.

Didn't talk to me once.

What to say, I know that he has really broken his promise and left me a lot

Away ...........

I was screaming and crying with all my might.

From today I am alone, I have grown up alone. My soul has left me,

I lost consciousness again while crying.


Wisdom returned and I found myself at home.

My daughter and I know everyone is taking a bath. (This is the last bath).

Everyone here was telling me! .. The reality is very cruel, very cruel,

What will happen next, tighten yourself ....

How do I strengthen myself?

I don't know anything to strengthen myself.

Once I was born, I saw two people with two eyes full. I have lost the ability to speak long ago,

There is no power to speak. There is only weak eyesight.

It was evening, I buried my mother and daughter in the mango orchard of our house ....

I left my cowardly widow alone in a dark room like a selfish person.

I didn't want to leave him. I wanted to stay with them.

Everyone dragged me home! ...


It's late ...

I had Jan next to me last night.

I know why yesterday, he caressed me a little too much.

He hugged me all night and slept ......

- But I'm not crazy today, I'm alone today! ...

I have no existence in the name of sleep in the eyes.

I turned on the lights, the madman was all over the house


Everywhere I look I see him.

- The madman would dress up in front of this mirror, and I would burn him.

How many times that hair when shaking the head

I have made it random. But from today I will not be able to irritate the madman anymore.

I can't see him even if I want to, I can't touch him. I want to hug him even if I want to.

I can't hug and caress.

He left me alone, like he was selfish by messing everything up ....

Even if you stay out all night from today, no one will say,

- Dog, where's the monkey?

Even if you don't eat all day, no one will come and say,

- Ne gill, no more khabi without me.


You tell me how I can comfort myself.

What am I going to live with now ...?

Why did you give me such a big punishment, what was my crime ...?

I was moving all the things he used.

Suddenly the last page of the diary caught my eye.

"" "" Know,

I know you love me so much

It will be hard for you to live without me.

I love you too, honey, more than my life.

After a while I am going to be a mother! ..

I have heard that it is very difficult to be a mother, many people die.

If I die, but not a bit of mud!

Take care of my child, caress him a lot.

Just like khas, take care of the body, and yes, I will not stay out of the house at night.

You are very good, I have done you a lot of injustice, I am angry, I have hurt you.

Forgive me, honey ...

If I die, you will marry a beautiful girl.

Dekhis will love you more than me.

You tell me you'll always be fine,

Remember this, I will see you all the time.

If you're good I'll be good too.

If you are in trouble, remember that I will be in trouble too.

Goodbye honey


Your ..

----- __ arrogant_wife

- Finished.

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Written by   75
2 months ago
Topics: Story
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Everything is fine. Thank you so much for this post.

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4 weeks ago

that"s like a nice story dear

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2 months ago

This is nice

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2 months ago