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Is the purpose of life just to make money or something else?

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1 year ago

If you can't eat properly twice a day, then the only purpose of your current life is to eat three meals a day.

Now suppose he has a lot of money, but there is no happiness in life. The purpose of such people is to live happily.

The purpose of a student is to finish the study well.

The leader's goal is to win the vote.

The aim of the people of war-torn areas or countries is to achieve independence.

Thus, the purpose of human life depends on itself.

Hey brother, if I go to a person who can't eat for 5 days and tell him that the purpose of life is not to earn money, will he ever accept my word? Or is it possible to accept?

Some people want money, some people want honor, some people want power, some people want happiness, some people want to live for others.

You I can in no way judge another by my philosophy. Because, your life will not match with my life, my struggle will not match with the struggle of your life.

So, everyone's motives will be different, and that's normal.

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Written by   87
1 year ago
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