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Details about Multiple Personality Disorders

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Many of us know the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr. there. Jekyll invents a drug that, when used, reveals all the bad things inside him and he becomes a person of a completely different character. Dr. Jekyll named his character ‘Mr. Hyde '. He discovers another drug, through which he can return to normal. In this way he lives with two different entities within himself. Although this is a fiction by Robert Lewis Stevenson, there is a mental illness that can cause a person to live with about 100 isolated entities. This disease is called Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder.

Jenny Haynes (4 years old and now)

So much fiction. Let me tell you a true story. The incident started in 1984. Jenny from London and her family were then Australians. From the age of 4, Jenny became the victim of perverted sexual lust by her father. He had to endure not only sexual abuse but also unspeakable physical torture. In 2009, at age 35, Jenny first filed a lawsuit against her father. His statement was: -

  • My father's type of torture was planned. He enjoyed every moment. He would listen to my requests to stop, see me crying, see my suffering and fear, and see me in a bloody state. But the next day he would start again.

  • "My life was taken over by my father," she said. Even in my own thoughts I could not feel safe. I didn’t understand what was going on with me and couldn’t come to any conclusions.

Her father also reduces Jenny's social activism so that no adult can understand the matter. After being beaten and sexually harassed, Jenny was not given the necessary health care. Now, 49-year-old Jenny is suffering from serious diseases including vision, gums and intestines.

But the fact of the matter is that 37 cases have been filed against Jenny's father on the basis of the allegations. During this case, Jenny gave birth to 2,500 entities within herself, and each entity submitted evidence with an accurate description of the individual events.

Experts have termed Jenny's abnormal traits as multiple personality disorders. This phenomenon is described as one of the rarest phenomena in the study of world psychology. Excessive torture gave birth to various entities inside Jenny. It was a kind of survival fight or survival technique. According to Jenny, when she was raped, she thought it was Symphony, not her. She used to create the character of a 4-year-old girl named Symphony in herself. In this way different characters were created to deal with different situations. He presented all those characters in court. And testified in their testimony.

Characters as described by Jenny

On September 6, 2019, Jenny's father Haynes was sentenced to 45 years in prison. Experts have described Jenny's special condition as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

According to him, "it must be remembered that this is a reaction of a child going through extreme abuse and trauma." [1]

What is Multiple Personality Disorder?

Multiple Personality Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder is a mental illness that brings duality in the personality of the patient. As a result, it is also called dualistic problem. The patient loses his or her memory, personality, and traits completely and retains any memory, personality, or trait known or temporary for a period of time. This condition is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is thought to be triggered by a traumatic event or a serious event in a person's life. This aspect of an infected person's behavior acts as their protective behavioral system in the brain. The person literally abstains or detaches himself from a situation or experience that is extremely painful for him to accept.

Symptoms of the disease ♦

Patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder also have a number of other psychological problems. Among the symptoms of this disease are-

1. More than one personality can be found in the patient. Each personality will have a different age, gender and clan. They may even have distinct postures, gestures, and speech patterns. Many times the fictional personality can be any animal!

2. Personality is dominated by the patient, so the person continues to observe the behaviors imposed by the illusory person.

3. The patient often cannot remember other personalities.

4. The patient often feels detached from his body.

5. He begins to forget his personal things, which do not fall into the ordinary forgetfulness.

. The tendency to commit suicide increases and a lot of frustration, exhaustion, depression is created.

. Rapid changes in mood were observed.

. Sleep problems are seen, such as - not sleeping, fear in the middle of sleep, walking in the middle of sleep, etc.

9. Instability, panic attacks and various types of phobias are seen; For example, remembering old memories and reacting to them.

10. Addiction to various drugs is seen. Many times hallucinations are seen to occur

11. Irregularities in eating and drinking. Lack of feeling of hunger. Or in some exceptional cases, the desire to eat perverted food, such as eating raw meat, the desire to eat blood, etc.

Medical science must have these 5 criteria for diagnosing this disease:

1) Presence of two or more personalities. Each of them has its own name and identity.

2) The patient may not remember the presence of another personality in him and may not be aware of any incident that may occur at that time.

3) Loss of the patient's daily work due to this disease, especially in the middle of a work if another personality attacks him, in which case the patient forgets what he was doing.

4) The person will be very angry and suffering in his daily life. His problems can not be matched with normal life.

5) These symptoms are not affected by anything. Such as alcohol or other intoxicants do not change personality.

Different personalities of the affected person help him emotionally to overcome various obstacles in life. Two to four personalities are identified at the onset of the disease, which may later reach 13 to 15. Circumstantial changes and life events bring out the other personalities in these patients

️Medication ♦

The main goal of treating multiple personality disorder is to integrate isolated entities into one entity. But Dissociative Identity Disorder is never completely curable. So the only treatment is to stay under the care of a psychiatrist for life. Effective treatments are talk therapy or psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, adjunctive therapies or art or movement therapy. There is no prescriptive drug that will stop the flow of emotions, though their effects can be curtailed. Diseases that occur as symptoms; Depression, anxiety, and trauma can be cured with treatment and regular counseling.

According to psychiatrists, such cases occur with some patients with extreme levels of dilution. The patient begins to think of himself as someone else. There is a difference in speech, manners, behavior, etc. [2]

Retired NFL star Herschel Walker.

Walker has also written a book on the benefits of his DID. His suicide attempts, his struggles with different personalities. He mentions that from a very young age there were some strange aspects of his personality. He always felt isolated from professional leagues. In order to do well in the game, he took the form of a personality who never felt lonely He also mentioned that there was always a rage in him Proper treatment lets Walker know about his other personalities. He realizes he has multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder.

How do you know if someone has been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder?

Dissociative Identity Disorder is the presence of two or more distinct or divided identities or personalities within a person with a disorder that has a constant power over the person's behavior. Patients begin to forget things that are easy to remember on a daily basis and are often seen talking about their minds or memories.

Not everyone is affected by this disease. In many cases the other entities in them have different names, ages, genders and even different races from the infected person. Each one of them has different speech patterns, walking patterns, different body postures and even different habits. One may be quiet, the other very sociable, one may be angry, some may talk in pairs, some may cry a little. The most surprising thing is that not all of these personalities are human, it may be that a human is behaving completely like an animal.

The infected person has no idea about himself or other personalities when other personalities come into play. This process of changing from one to another is called "switching". Switching a person can take up to one second, one minute, one day, one week No one can say why or when a person with multiple personality disorders will have a personality switch. Some people seek treatment for hypnosis so that their different personalities respond to the doctor's words.

Symptoms of other dissociative identity disorders include headaches, amnesia, lack of knowledge of time, being in a trance and even feeling like they are out of their body. While some people with Dissociative Identity Disorder have a tendency to be violent towards themselves, this violence can sometimes lead to another person. For example, a person with a dissociative identity disorder will find themselves doing things that they would normally never do, such as driving too hard, or stealing something from a friend or colleague. When they behave like that, they are forced to do that. Some patients refer to themselves as a passenger in his body, where he is but someone else is managing it.

It is now proven that the other beings in the infected person know that they are not real people, they also know the real name and identity of the patient. When they attack the patient they remember all the events of their past that the affected person knows nothing about. While the other characters know all about the patient, the patient himself knows nothing about the other personalities. [3]

Family support and proper treatment are very important for such patients. This is a long-term process. So it is very important to be patient with the patient.

Stay well. 🍀

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