"When Bitcoin Cash is on Mars,then I myself telling its Tales on Earth".

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Hello every one Good evening.Well,now we talked about very famous topic of the wolrd,"BCH=Bitcoin Cash".Although it was discovered after bitcoin but it has more charms and fame than BTC.In the wolrd cryptocurrency,If all other Crypto are sattelite and some are stars then it is Milky way Galaxy.In the country of Crypto,BCH is king in its value.BCH is backbone that is why it is important.You can see on every persons Tounge bitcoin cash.The vale of bitcoin cash can be described by my Quote,"To visit the moon,You not need satelite.The only thing you need is bitcoin cash".Guys some days ago its value was 1BCH=599$ in this month.And if we talked about today its price is 1BCH=476$.You can say here one thing more,"Ups and downs are beauty of bitcoin cash".And here I can predict in near future its price will be 1BCH=1000$.

Today Crypto Journaal

Here is most favorite Questions of the modern man asked by everyone when you told him about bitcoin cash.
Question No 1:
##Why Bitcoin cash?Why not other cryptocurrencies?.
I being a common man can give and convince him by mentioning true facts.Dear common man Can you describe me the name of any Crypto whose transactions are as fast as by BCH?.Surely he lose here and has no answer.Then why I not say,"BCH is my best Crypto".Its transactions are not only fast but also it reached to target with speed of light.Today tweet by " Clank App" ,you can check it.It has millions of blockchains.

Clank App(twitter source)

Question No 2:
It is free from money laundering and can"t be controlled by any government.So your money is safe and according to my words,"Bitcoin Cash money is in Space".Then I asked from common man,"If there is any Crypto whose wallet access is as easy as of Bitcoin cash".The answer will be same," No".Then you should agreed about What I am saying.BCH has many wallets named as Electronic cash,Bitcoin.com etc,that are easily available on google paly store by their names.But according to my view Bitchcoin.com wallet is the best one.Here is my blockchain wallet beacuse I loved it.


Question No 3:
##How people are educated about Bitcoin Cash?Is there any source exsit??
They can be educated through electronic media.And one of the cheap and good source is Social media that includes facebook,twitter,instagram,and telegram.I personaly take part in my contests on twitter and facebook.I successfuly earned all.I always use twitter as my best social app for awarness about Bitcoin cash.Here are some contribtions that I make for BItcoin cash you can see Guys @TheRandomRewarder . How often I used my twitter and facebook account for spreading awarness about Bitcoin cash.
Facebook Logo contest:
It was held by someone @nheng30 I contributed and win that contest by securing 2nd position.

Facebook Logo Contest

Twitter Top trend for Bitcoin cash:
I also participated in Noise cash tip trend for short wallet adress.But I don"t know http://tipb.ch/Zeshan3333 they will tip me but I took part so I am proud of that.Here is Guys @scottcbusiness my contribution you can see:

Twitter Contest

Yes Guys,We are blessed we also has two good platform for Bitcoin cash awarness named as @noise.cash and @readcash ,these two tips and rewardes you in Bitcoin cash that is can be stored in Bitcoin.com wallet easily.Here is my noise cash account you can check is http://noise.cash/u/Zeshan3333.

Noise Cash+Facebook+Read cash awarness about BCH

My campaign on YouTube for @Read.Cash and @BitcoinCash
I made yesterday my youtube chanel and was surprised to see the interst and love of people about BCH and Read cash.I in no time found 37 viewers,10 subscribers and 9 affiliates.Here is my love for readcash and BCH in Urdu(my native language).

Today when I was scrolling my twitter account I found the same interst and love of people for BCH you can check here.No doubt beautiful and resppectable they all are:

Twitter Today Trend

I want to help people by giving and spreading BCH Love.For this I made my gift packs and I covered them with BCH logo when at Time,they asked me about BItcoin cash.I shall educate them about Bitcoin cash.It is really honour for me.I here mentioned all my efforts for promoting BCH.I think you should like my efforts also.

My efforts For BCH Love

Thank you @Bitcoin.comOfficialYoutubeChannel @Morkaofficial @CenteOfficial ,I personally visited your sites I gathered hope for writing and explaining such a beautiful topic that will change the world soon.Thanks for your patience. (Sponsors).

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