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I turned an old MP3 player into a personal hardware wallet,How?

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When the Electrum is operated correctly, it can have comparable or even superior levels of security to a conventional hardware wallet. Lots of hardware wallets, most notably Trezor and Ledger, go about divorcing the public keys from the private keys through the route I've illustrated below. It's worth noting that such a method works equally well for desktop wallets like Electrum -- all it requires is an offline computer and an online computer, with a drive acting as the intermediate between the two.

Step by step Guide

The underlying message of this examination of hardware wallets shouldn't be that commercial hardware from the likes of Trezor and Ledger are "overpriced," per se. I think price requires a comparison with utility for its justification. If your average middle-age soccer mom or confused grandparent decides they want to start engaging with the world of cryptocurrency and want to make secure transactions, buying a commercial hardware wallet is justifiable. It doesn't take a lot of technical know-how to operate. You don't need to commit significant time and energy to configuring it. And having a tangible wallet with a professional appearance provides some straightforward solace in the face of what might be an overwhelming introduction to an unfamiliar system of transaction.

But for those of you who enjoy tinkering around, I implore you to give homebrew hardware wallets an honest try. Since one of the fundamental axioms of cryptocurrency states that anybody can register an address, your wallet can be as simple or as complex as you'd like it to be.

For example, let's say that you wanted the professional rigor of a commercial hardware wallet, but you harbored distrust for a commercial organization. It's still possible to make your own hardware wallet that runs on commercial-grade open source software. Trezor's software is available to anybody, and pretty recently, a couple of developers found a way to port that software to Raspberry Pi Zero micro-controllers. Anybody who's willing to pony up five dollars for the chip -- along with a few other tools, parts, a MicroSD and ideally a nice case -- is able to put together their own Trezor hardware wallet, complete with whatever custom private keys they desire.

Hardware CHIP

When we think of the hardware behind cryptocurrency, I imagine plenty of people allow their minds to gravitate towards the more impressive giants of the industry. We might find ourselves imagining massive ASIC arrays, mining cryptocurrency on solar energy in some distant corner of the Earth -- much like a isolated supervillain's lair. Or, we might recall the craze for massive GPU mining rigs during the cryptocurrency heyday that defined the retirement accounts for some lucky newcomers.

But I think we often forget that some of the greater triumphs of crypto have come from its innate accessibility. TailsOS, for example, is capable of running on practically any 64-bit machine, including discarded ten-year-old laptops. Bitcoin nodes have been established on Raspberry Pi circuits, and mounted on cases made out of Lego bricks. And cryptocurrency wallets have been installed on flash drives, phones, sheets of paper, and even mp3 players. Just because cryptocurrency, in all its glory, is something that anybody can get involved in, no matter their standing in the world.

So get out there, you tinkerers and obsessives. Go find some awkward piece of machinery to load a wallet onto. I guarantee you I haven't even come up with the wackiest possible application we'll see yet.

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