"Once a spammer is not always a spammer"update from Noise Cash Episode 1

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2 years ago

I am happy and delighted today.And I have great thing to share.You can see the charming and popular title everyone problem facing here and on Noise Cash.

After reading the article name two question arises in your mind.

  • How my account can be recovered from spam?

  • How my account will be familiar to everyone?

So I am going to share my experience here.I was a spammer and I am proud to be a spammer.Might be this statement will be shocking for most of you.But take a breath and Lean from my trivial experience.Here I suggested everyone here.

"Don't lose hope.Never ever give up".

Answer No 1

Guys I know many of us are facing like me the problem of Spam.And they all are left their account.Either they made their new account or they left this platform.I mentioned here both things are wrong.It is just like:

"After making a mistake,we comment second mistake"

Reasons why our account are Spammed?

  • We strongly violate the roles of noise cash and same in read cash.

  • We make multiple accounts with same IP address forgetting that noise cash and read cash has system of detection of any cheating.

  • We copy articles from other sites.

  • We beg on other and make comment that have no sense.

I in humble way,accept all my mistakes that were blender in my life.After doing all this.I decided to focus on positive things.Yes,positive things with positive attitude.

I focus on following things.
I take my start with positive attitude.And promised to myself.
1.I Always write my pure contents either I know my English is very weak on noise cash.
2.I always comment after taking all the sense and reading the contents of Noises and Read cash user.
3.After following above two golden principle.
I see that Today noise cash officials turned my bell red like it was call from heaven.I see the account that was spam from 1.5 months was able to get tip from noise cash.
NOise cash Tip after 1.5 months

Dear!if you are spam and worried about read cash.Then never give up.Follow my steps with positive way.One day you will be the more attractive personality of @TheRandomRewarder and @Therandomrewarder. .Although now I am able to say that from noise cash my account is recovered from spam.But here I have same passion.I write more or less 15 articles and not able to get the upvote of @TheRandomRewarder Doesn't mean that there is fault in the system.Dear spammer it is fault with us.We don't fulfill the the roles and regulation of noise cash and read cash.So Guys leave all negative humors and be positive.InshAllah being a Muslim,I believe one day,I shall be 1st person who recovered his account from spam and everyone appreciate me.Thank for reading and for your patience.

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2 years ago