7G'S in a Single Crypto meanwhile My entertainment as a stress phobia

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On this sacred day, I am with full charm going to introduce 7G'S in a Single Crypto That can revived the whole world disease named as stress.

Guys,when you are in underdeveloped country you might have the financial issue in the form of poverty same thing happen to me.But I not lose hope.In truly sense I love to read cash as BCH platform because it gives me not only learning but also earning enough for my fee for my expenditures.On the dominant point,it recovered me from stress and burden of financial aid.Today,I introduce a huge thing that can be game changer you will enjoy very well and entertain yourself with my article.Are you hopeless??Are you depressed?Are you have financial issue??Then why are you waiting come to read cash and earn more and more.Being a student and doctor I have expertise in gaming,my comfort in Alone time.I can play very well Teenpati Game and converted this zeal and zest into Bitcoin come Exchange app that introduced me a Platform for my entertainment and mean while an earning source.


Now come to my article title named as 7G'S in a single Crypto meanwhile my entertainment as a stress phobia.

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What it mean?

I introduced all G's one by one.

  • First Gaming with Satoshi Dice app.

  • Second Gambling as a poker in Blockchain poker.

  • Third gateway Cash Games.

  • Fourth Gratitude BCH.Game.

  • Fifth great with PlayMo.

  • Sixth gospel Spin BCH.

  • Seventh Geodrop Cash.

Guys these are powerful 7G'S and one thing very important you will earn in BCH.That is the beauty of BCH in Crypto world.

Detail Menu

 🎮First Gaming With Satoshi Dice app

It is just like a bet Game.You just need to deposit some BCH through bitcoin cash address.I deposit through my noise cash earning and win a lot.It is totally luck dependent with winning chance of 50%.It is popular and provably fair on Chain bitcoin cash Game.Here you win BCH prizes that can easily withdraw by BCH address.

🎮Second Gambling as a Poker in block chain Poker

This is my favorite Game.To join this platform I recommend you take Demo through TeenPatti Game.And after gaining expertise you take entry here.In block chain Poker Game tournament are held with 24/7 players and players bet through BTC and BCH.If you are passionate and have little intelligence you can also win here.Poker Block chain blessed you free bitcoin cash to get started.So not wait and join this platform.

🎮Third gateway Cash Game

You can say it Online Casino.Here you can play slots,video poker,roulette,blackjack and other games through BCH.Instant cash out and provably fair.

🎮Fourth Gratitude BCH. Game

A frictionless BCH gaming platform.Privacy focused and provably fair also.It provide you instant deposit and instant withdraw.

🎮Fifth Great with PlayMo.

A platform where players are invited and can participate in prize matches including several tournaments,video games and other formats.Instant join,participate and earn more in BCH love.

🎮Sixth Gospel Spin BCH Game

It is totally new BCH game where you can spin and earn BCH.Deposits are instantly credited as the Game makes use of 0-conf transaction.

🎮Seventh Geodrop Cash Game

It is a map-based scavenger hunt game similar to Pokemon Go.It uses the SLP tokens on BCH block chain.

Short intro of BCH games Image source:Posted in r/btc by u/tralaxz in Reddit


Guys no doubt gaming with free mind is fruitful as it has advantages given below.

  • Gaming make your mind sharp.

  • Gaming give totally relief from trash thinking mean you not think any thing that is harmful your mind because your mind is busy.

  • Gaming improves your mental abilities.

  • Gaming give get rid of free imagination.

  • Gaming give you earning.Yes,you earn and pay for your daily expenditures.

  • These Games give you earning in the form of bitcoin cash.


Although Games are beneficial on one aspect but you can't ignore the second picture of disadvantages these games have,probably they are given as:

  • If you have not experience then you can lose your BCH.

  • Gaming need time so if you are free then join these platform.

  • Gaming make separation in your personal life you are devoid of and unaware about your surrounding what is going on in that area.

  • Gaming make you habitual mean if you not play you not feel comfort.

Why these Games are important?

Guys,it is magic and fruit of bitcoin cash.These types of games also present on many other platform like Facebook and google play store.But due to the blessing and entry of bitcoin cash.They are more important as before they were.Bitcoin cash is touching to the sky in fame and users.People are making chain around the world because it deserve love.Last night I was scrolling posts suddenly I see a Meme that was very amazing giving whole picture of bitcoin cash.I also share here so that you could decide How BCH make these games precious and can discriminate from other games.You have look here.

Meme Indicating BCH value Image Source:reddit in r/Bitcoincash

My Opinions

It is my personal suggestions to all of you.Never Miss this opurtunity.And participate in gaming to Get rid of negative ideas.I say some words that I Got from my personal experience;

"Free mind is house of negative Thoughts"

So join,participate and make people aware so that many people get benefit from these platform and earn as they have ability.Thank you readers,You can give your advices,Suggestions and any thing you can ask I am available for you in comment box.

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