Health benefits includes maintaining eye health, boosting immune system

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Bell Peppers health benefits includes maintaining eye health, boosting immune system, provides nourishment for fetus, support weight loss, support digestive health and help fight inflammation. Other benefits includes fighting cancer, supporting nervous system, slow down aging process, support respiratory health and ensure proper blood flow.Bell peppers aren’t only an additional vegetable to be tossed into your salad bowl, but they contain many beneficial nutrients as well. Bell pepper is a versatile vegetable that you can cook and consume raw as well. Nutritionists have favored it due to the plenty of healthy properties bell peppers contain. They have potential to keep your body protected against factors that can affect it adversely.

What is Bell Peppers?

All peppers are grown as green peppers or capsicum. They begin changing color gradually into yellow, orange and finally into the red – depending on how long these peppers stay on the vine. The scientific name for bell peppers is Capsicum annuum L. Moreover, the color of the pepper determines its ripeness; darker color indicates the content of nutrients it contains as well.

Nutritional Value of Bell Peppers

One medium-size bell pepper (yellow, orange, red) contains following nutrients.

  • Copper 2 mg

  • Fiber 2 g

  • Folate 4 mcg

  • Manganese 2 mg

  • Magnesium 11mg

  • Potassium 349 mg

  • Phosphorous 3 g

  • Protein 2 g

  • Selenium 9 mg

  • Vitamin B6 3 mg

  • Vitamin C 341 mg

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